Top Countries By Deposit Rates

Country (Currency) Deposit Rate Deposit Rating
 Romania (RON) 2.97%↓A3
 Poland (PLN) 2.71%↑Aa3
 Cyprus (EUR) 2.60%↓Caa2
 Bulgaria (BGN) 2.53%↓A3
 Croatia (HRK) 2.40%↑A3
 Greece (EUR) 2.12%↓B3
 Belgium (EUR) 2.03%↑Aaa
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Recent Publications

25 Banks Which Failed ECB Test

28 October 2014

In October 2014 European Central Bank conducted an assessment of 130 major European banks from 19 countries. The assessment consisted of two parts: asset quality review and stress test.    Full Article

Deposit Guarantee Schemes in European Territories

13 October 2014

Several European countries have dependent territories which are geographically separated from these countries. Amongst more than 30 such territories, only 10 provide offshore financial services.    Full Article

Deposit Guarantee Schemes in Europe

06 October 2014

Deposit Guarantee Schemes compensate certain deposits (so called eligible deposits) held by depositors of a bank in the case of the bank failure. This article summarises details about deposit guarantee schemes the most important from a depositor's point of view.    Full Article

Top Countries By Credit Rating

Country Fitch Moody's S&P
 Denmark AAA AaaAAA
 Germany AAA AaaAAA
 Norway AAA AaaAAA
 Sweden AAA AaaAAA
 Switzerland AAA AaaAAA
 Finland AAA AaaAAA
 Luxembourg AAA AaaAAA
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Top Rated Banks

Rank Bank Country Fitch Moodys S&P
1 Zürcher KantonalbankSwitzerlandAAAAaaAAA
2 Landwirtschaftliche RentenbankGermanyAAAAaaAAA
3 Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg - Förderbank -GermanyAAAAaaAAA
4 Kreditanstalt für WiederaufbauGermanyAAAAaa
5 LfA Förderbank BayernGermanyAaa
6 Kommuninvest i Sverige AktiebolagSwedenAaa
7 KommuneKreditDenmarkAaa
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Largest Banks

Rank Bank Country Total Assets (bln EUR)
1  HSBC Bank plc United Kingdom2040 ↑
2  Deutsche Bank AG Germany2012 ↓
3  BNP Paribas France1907 ↓
4  Credit Agricole France1842 ↑
5  Barclays Bank plc United Kingdom1836 ↓
6  The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (RBS) United Kingdom1616 ↓
7  Banco Santander Spain1270 ↑
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