Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt-Scheifling eGen

    Address  8820, Austria, Neumarkt/Stmk., Hauptplatz 47
    P.O. Box  10
    Phone  03584/2291
    Fax  03584/229124
    E-Mail  info.38402@rb-38402.raiffeisen.at
Member of Group  Raiffeisen Banking Group (Austria)
Bank Identifiers 
    MFI ID  AT38402
    Bank Sort Code  38402
    Company Number  53595t
Bank Category  Raiffeisen credit cooperatives
Deposit Guarantee  Yes (up to 100 000 EUR per depositor)
Start Date  17 April 1898

Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt-Scheifling eGen located at Austria, Neumarkt/Stmk. is a member of a banking group Raiffeisen Banking Group (Austria). It is one of 706 credit institutions operating in Austria.

Bank Identifiers

Any bank can be identified for different purposes and hence can have several different identifiers.


BIC (Business Identifier Code) is a the mostly used international identifier of financial institutions. SWIFT is the registration authority for BICs. BICs are used in financial transactions, client and counterparty data bases, compliance documents and many others.

Bank BIC Code  RZST
Country Code  AT (Austria)
Location Code  2G
Branch Code  402

A BIC consists of eight or eleven characters, comprising a financial institution code (four characters), a country code (two characters), a location code (two characters) and, optionally, a branch code (three characters).


MFI ID (Monetary Financial Institution Identifier) is a code, unique to each institution in the MFI list provided by ECB (European Central Bank). MFI ID is hence applicable to MFIs resident in the European Union.

MFI ID  AT38402

The code is alphanumerical, with the first two digits representing the two-digit ISO code for the country of residence of the MFI and the remaining number of digits (no limit has been specified) is any combination of alphanumerical characters.

Bank Sort Code

Bank Sort Code is a code that uniquely identifies a financial institution within a country. Bank sort codes are usually assigned by National Central Banks and differ from BIC codes.

Bank Sort Code  38402

In Austria the code consists of five digits.

Company Registration Number

Company Registration Number is a distinctive code issued upon registration of a new company. This code can be used to find data about the company in a national company register.

Company Registration Number  53595t

Deposit Guarantee

Deposit Guarantee Schemes compensate certain deposits held by depositors of a bank that becomes unable to meet its obligations.

All credit institutions operating in Austria are obliged to participate in Austrian deposit guarantee scheme.

In the case of Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt-Scheifling eGen failure, eligible depositors having covered accounts in this bank will be paid out the following compensation:

Eligible Depositors  natural persons, legal entities
Covered Accounts  all balances on interest-bearing and non-interest bearing accounts
Maximum Protected Amount  100 000 EUR
Paid In Currency  EUR

Further Information: Deposit Guarantee Scheme in Austria

ECB Minimum Reserves Requirements (MRR)

Minimum reserves is the minimum amount of reserves a credit institution is required to hold with a central bank.

Subject to MRR by ECB  Yes
Exempt from MRR by ECB  No

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