Mora Banc, SAU

Registration Name  Mora Banc, SAU
Location  Andorra, Escaldes-Engordany

Bank Identifiers 
Creation Date  21 December 1961
European Presence  2 banks in 1 countries

Mora Banc, SAU is located at Andorra, Escaldes-Engordany. It is one of 6 credit institutions operating in Andorra.

Bank Identifiers

Any bank can be identified for different purposes and hence can have several different identifiers.


BIC (Business Identifier Code) is a the mostly used international identifier of financial institutions. SWIFT is the registration authority for BICs. BICs are used in financial transactions, client and counterparty data bases, compliance documents and many others.

Bank BIC Code  BINA
Country Code  AD (Andorra)
Location Code  BD
Branch Code  -

A BIC consists of eight or eleven characters, comprising a financial institution code (four characters), a country code (two characters), a location code (two characters) and, optionally, a branch code (three characters).

Contact Information

Primary Address  Escaldes-Engordany, Plaça Co-prínceps, 2

European Presence

This bank operates in the following European countries and selected dependent territories of the European countries:


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