Registration Name  FANA SPAREBANK
Location  Norway, NESTTUN

Bank Identifiers 
    Company Number  937896859
Credit Ratings (July 2014) 
    Fitch  - (not rated)
    Moody's  Baa2 (lower medium grade)
    S&P's  - (not rated)
Bank Category  Savings bank
Start Date  01 January 2006

FANA SPAREBANK is located at Norway, NESTTUN. It is one of 169 credit institutions operating in Norway.

Bank Identifiers

Any bank can be identified for different purposes and hence can have several different identifiers.

Company Registration Number

Company Registration Number is a distinctive code issued upon registration of a new company. This code can be used to find data about the company in a national company register.

Company Registration Number  937896859

Credit Ratings

Credit Rating is an opinion of a credit rating agency about credit worthiness of a company or a government.
Of the 'Big Three' rating agencies, FANA SPAREBANK is rated by Moody's.

Credit ratings assigned to FANA SPAREBANK as of July 2014 are shown in details in the following sections.


Long-term rating is for FANA SPAREBANK it is set to Baa2 (lower medium grade). Long-term bank deposit rating is Baa2 (lower medium grade). Bank financial strength rating is D+ (modest intrinsic financial strength). Short-term rating is not assigned.

Long-Term Rating  Baa2
Long-Term Bank Deposit Rating  Baa2
Bank Financial Strength Rating  D+
Short-Term Rating  -
Outlook  negative

Outlook for the ratings of FANA SPAREBANK is set to negative (may be lowered).

Contact Information

Primary Address  N-5221, NESTTUN, Østre Nesttunveien 1

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