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Explore Bank Directory delivers a unique bank directory, containing profiles of more than 9,000 banks operating in European countries and their selected dependent territories. The directory provides a comprehensive view and in-depth analysis covering various aspects of banks and banking and thus serving the needs of various customer groups.

Top-Level View

Bank directory entry points:

  • At the very top level the banks are grouped by country
  • Bank Lists by Country include bank business focus, customer ratings, total assets
  • Bank Search allows a bank using a part of its name or BIC code, or a country name
  • Bank Search Results include bank name, country, bank business focus, BIC

Detailed View

Bank profiles contain:

  • business overview, products and services
  • account opening and banking channels
  • customer ratings, credit ratings
  • key financial data
  • deposit guarantee
  • bank identifiers
  • contact details
  • social networks profiles
  • mobile applications

Cut-Through View

Based on the bank directory data, research articles are published covering:

Custom View

Customized reports on banks and EMIs are available by request, covering for example:

  • business focus, products and services
  • account opening, business channels
  • key financial data
  • identifiers (BIC, LEI)
  • contact details
  • social networks profiles
  • mobile applications
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The United Kingdom hosts around half of all electronic money institutions (EMis) registered in the European Economic Area, which provide a broad varieties of solutions to individuals, companies and merchants. Aggregated total assets of British EMIs in 2018 were around 11 bln GBP, 77 EMIs reported increase in total assets which is together with the increased number of EMIs indicates growth in this sector.

Lithuania is a dynamic European innovation and fintech hub, having all necessary conditions for its fintech ecosystem to grow and develop, namely support from the government, favorable taxation system, progressive regulatory rules, multi-disciplinary talent pool, innovative infrastructure. Electronic money institutions (EMIs) play an important role in the fintech ecosystem of Lithuania: out of more than 200 fintech companies registered in the country, over 60 are electronic money institutions.

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is an initiative of the European Union aimed to ensure that customers can make cashless Euro payments to anywhere within SEPA area in a fast, safe and efficient way, just like national payments. SEPA plays fundamental role in improving efficiency of cross-border payments and integrating fragmented national markets for Euro payments into a single one.

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Retail banking is an important component of German banking sector, represented by a large number of banks with different origin and business focus. Apart from two nationwide networks of local cooperative and savings banks, there are independent banks, regional state banks, and specialized banks.

With high standard of living in the Netherlands making it an favorable investment and private banking destination for both domestic and foreign banking groups, retail banking remains an essential part of the Dutch banking sector. About half of the retail banks offer their products via the Internet, while there are also several pure direct banks.

Direct banking is a relatively new way of delivering banking products and services to the customers via direct channels, meaning that a direct bank operates without brick-and-mortar branch network and its services are provided via online banking, mobile banking, ATM networks, and even mail. As direct banks don't have an expensive branch network, the resulting cost savings are passed on to the bank's customers which allows to offer fair conditions in all product areas.

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Recent Articles

Mutual banks in France

2 December 2020

Mutual banks in France operate as regional cooperative banks, providing a broad range of retail banking products and services to local individulas, self-employed professionals and business entities. French mutual banks are not independent, rather they belong to a large banking group: BPCE, Credit Agricole,Credit Mutuel, Societe Generale.

Specialized credit institutions in France

29 November 2020

There are about 180 specialized credit institutions operating in France. Such institutions are either focused on a specific set of products and services (for example, asset management, leasing and factoring, real estate financing) or on a specific customer group (for example, French Reunion residents, film and TV industry).

Top 100 Banks in Italy 2019

17 November 2020

Banks in Italy mainly generate their profit from traditional retail banking business activities, focused on serving domestic individuals and companies. Italian banking landscape is dominated by domestic banks, operating as universal banks - either regionally or nationwide.