Top Countries By Deposit Rates

Country (Currency) Deposit Rate Max. Protected Amount Deposit Rating
PL Poland (PLN) 1.74% 100,000 EUR Aa3
RO Romania (RON) 1.54% 100,000 EUR A3
CZ Czech Republic (CZK) 1.36% 100,000 EUR Aa2
NL Netherlands (EUR) 1.22% 100,000 EUR Aaa
SK Slovakia (EUR) 1.18% 100,000 EUR Aaa
GB United Kingdom (GBP) 1.11% 85,000 GBP Aaa
FR France (EUR) 1.10% 100,000 EUR Aaa
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Top Rated Banks

Rank Bank Fitch/Moody's
1 Zürcher Kantonalbank AAA/Aaa
2 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau AAA/Aaa
3 Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank AAA/Aaa
4 Landeskreditbank Baden-Württemberg - Förderbank - AAA/Aaa
5 LfA Förderbank Bayern -/Aaa
7 BNG Bank NV -/Aaa
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Largest Banks

Rank Bank Country Total Assets (bln EUR)
1 BNP Paribas S.A. FRFrance 2,041
2 Credit Argicole S.A. FRFrance 1,624
3 Deutsche Bank AG DEGermany 1,348
4 Société Générale FRFrance 1,309
5 BPCE FRFrance 1,274
6 Barclays Bank plc GBUnited Kingdom 981
7 ING Bank NV NLNetherlands 887
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Since 1960s, the Cayman Islands transformed itself into a significant offshore financial center and a major supplier of cross-border financial services, particularly in banking. However, during the recent decade the financial sector of the Cayman Islands has been shrinking due to the consequences of the financial crisis and tightening regulatory requirements.

Banks in Gibraltar 11 February 2020

Strategic location of Gibraltar, its favorable taxation regime, European standards of regulation make Gibraltar an attractive destination for international investors. Banking sector traditionally dominated by British banks and focused on international private banking services is now extending to new business areas like digital wealth management and innovative payment infrastructure services.

Top 100 Banks in Germany 2018 5 February 2020

In 2018, 100 top banks in Germany comprised together 83,0 % of the country's banking assets. Most of these banks have domestic capital, while only 10 banks are foreign-controlled, around half of the banks are universal commercial banks, while the rest are most specialized credit institutions.