Offshore Banking in Macedonia

Krushevo Macedonia 30 September 2020

Macedonia (officially the Republic of North Macedonia) is a country in Southeastern Europe (Balkan peninsula) and a European Union candidate since 2004. Despite carrying substantial risks, Macedonia can be considered as an alternative offshore destination when looking for essential banking services or company incorporation.

International Banking in Georgia

Georgia 23 September 2020

Georgia, a developing country in the Caucasus region, attracts foreign investors and expatriates by her liberal tax, labor and immigration legislation, business friendly practices, low corruption, high security, mild climate and picturesque landscapes. Banking services provided to international customers in Georgia are mainly focused on traditional retail and business banking.

Expat Banking in Greece

Greece Santorini 17 September 2020

Although there is no formal requirement on having a local bank account when getting a residency or buying a property in Greece, the Greek government has implemented a number of restrictions on the use of cash, so having a bank account can be useful in everyday activities. Banking services in Greece are available not only to Greece residents, but also to non-residents, both individuals and companies.

International Banking in Bermuda

Bermuda Harbour 14 September 2020

Initially focused on tourism, Bermuda has emerged info international business and offshore financial center and has recently shown steady progress in attracting companies and individuals working in FinTech space. International banking services, provided in Bermuda include not only traditional retail and business banking, but also private banking, asset management, wealth management, wealth and tax planning, trust adiministration, and online brokerage.

International Banking in Andorra

Andorra la Vella 27 August 2020

Andorra, a European micro-state located in the Central Pyrenees between Spain and France, attracts international investors with its stable economical and political environment, competitive tax framework, solid banking and financial sector which accounts for about 20% of Andorra's GDP. Andorran banks serve domestic and international customers and are specialized in private banking, asset and wealth management, as well as retail banking for both individuals and companies.

Expat Banking in Spain

Almunecar Spain 15 June 2020

Spain attracts expats from around the globe, especially those looking to retire, with the weather, the lifestyle, relatively low cost of living as well as investment opportunities. While it's possible to live in Spain without having a Spanish bank account, there are cases when a local account can be useful or even required.

Expat Banking in Malta

Grand Harbour Malta 1 June 2020

Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, is an attractive expat and retirement destination due to its widely spoken English, favorable taxation regime, low costs of living, stable currency (Euro), mild winters and abundant sunshine. While it's possible to live on Malta without having a Maltese bank account, there are cases when a local account can be useful.

Expat Banking in Portugal

Porto Portugal 26 May 2020

In September 2009 Portugal introduced non-habitual tax regime (NHR) to attract 'high value' residents which contributed significantly to the growing of expat community in Portugal. Portuguese banks are adapting to these changes in their clientele by offering accounts in foreign currencies, employing English-speaking staff, creating multi-lingual versions of their websites and remote banking interfaces, and widely using online account opening procedures.

Offshore Banking in Montenegro

St.Stephen Island Montenegro 17 April 2020

Despite carrying substantial risks and lacking innovative banking products especially in private and investment banking, Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular offshore banking destination. Montenegrin banks offer a variety of services for non-residents in retail and corporate banking, know-your-customer procedures are simple and straightforward, and Montenegro doesn't participate in Automatic Information Exchange.

Offshore Banking in Cyprus

Rock of Aphrodite Cyprus 10 April 2020

Cyprus' favorable taxation, sophisticated legal framework and strategic location makes it an attractive investment and living destination for international clients, both individual and corporate. While there are banks focused on domestic market only, several banks offer their products and services to international customers, such services are called international banking or international business banking.

Banking Sector of the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands geo origin of banks 22 February 2020

Since 1960s, the Cayman Islands transformed itself into a significant offshore financial center and a major supplier of cross-border financial services, particularly in banking. However, during the recent decade the financial sector of the Cayman Islands has been shrinking due to the consequences of the financial crisis and tightening regulatory requirements.

Banks in Gibraltar

Banks in Gibraltar 11 February 2020

Strategic location of Gibraltar, its favorable taxation regime, European standards of regulation make Gibraltar an attractive destination for international investors. Banking sector traditionally dominated by British banks and focused on international private banking services is now extending to new business areas like digital wealth management and innovative payment infrastructure services.

Banks in the Channel Islands

Number of banks in the Channel Islands 19 May 2017

The Channel Islands are a group of islands situated in the English Channel, consisting of two British Crown dependencies: the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Over the recent decades, banks have played a key role in the development of the Channel Islands as an international financial centre.

Banking Sector of the Isle of Man

Number of banks by country of origin on the Isle of Man 15 March 2017

The Isle of Man is a well established international banking and finance center; banks operating on the Isle of Man cover the areas of retail banking, commercial banking, private and expatriate banking and offer their products and services to a broad range of clients.

Offshore Banking in Latvia

Deposits of residents and non residents in Latvian banks 25 April 2016

Latvia is a small but an important offshore banking center in the European Union. Latvian banks offer a variety of services for non-residents in retail, private and corporate banking as well as online trading and brokerage, know-your-customer procedures are simple and straightforward, several banks offer online account opening.