Top 100 Banks in the United Kingdom 2017

1 July 2019

In 2017, 100 largest (top) banks in the United Kingdom comprised together 74.18 % of the country's banking assets. Slightly more than the half of these banks (55) have domestic capital, while 45 banks are foreign-controlled (representing 20 different countries, namely United States, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, China, Ireland, Bahrain, Russian Federation, Brazil, Jordan, Libya, France, Nigeria, India, Kuwait, Germany, Qatar, Israel, Egypt). The domestic banks usually operate as universal banks, while the foreign-controlled banks are focused on corporate and investment banking. Almost all of the 100 top banks are commercial banks (83), followed by building societies (15).

Out of 100 banks, 71 banks reported an increase in total assets. 71 banks reported annual profit, while 14 reported annual loss (profit and loss data are not available for the building societies).

RankPrev. RankNameTotal Assets (mln)Market ShareAnnual Profit (mln)Country of Origin
11Barclays Bank plc1129343.00 GBP12.77%-1937.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
22HSBC Bank plc818868.00 GBP9.26%1842.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
34Lloyds Bank Plc576953.00 GBP6.53%5219.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
43NATWEST MARKETS PLC525889.00 GBP5.95%-44.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
55J.P. Morgan Securities plc620914.74 USD5.20%2635.46 USDUS United States
66Bank of Scotland376575.00 GBP4.26%1988.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
77Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltd461362.00 USD3.86%864.00 USDUS United States
89National Westminster Bank340843.00 GBP3.86%2069.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
910Santander UK314765.00 GBP3.56%1256.00 GBPES Spain
108Standard Chartered Bank404640.00 USD3.39%1584.00 USDGB United Kingdom
1112Nationwide Building Society221670.00 GBP2.51% GB United Kingdom
1211Credit Suisse International249440.00 USD2.09%-262.00 USDCH Switzerland
1313Santander Financial Services plc80089.00 GBP0.91%132.00 GBPES Spain
1519Goldman Sachs International Bank54446.83 EUR0.55%118.73 EURUS United States
1615Clydesdale Bank plc42893.00 GBP0.49%-256.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1718TSB Bank Plc42536.70 GBP0.48%115.10 GBPES Spain
1820Virgin Money Plc41018.90 GBP0.46%192.30 GBPGB United Kingdom
1921RBC Europe Limited40034.95 GBP0.45%80.07 GBPCA Canada
2017Yorkshire Building Society39595.50 GBP0.45% GB United Kingdom
2122Coventry Building Society38295.90 GBP0.43% GB United Kingdom
2216UBS Limited35569.00 GBP0.40%114.00 GBPCH Switzerland
2324Coutts & Company31217.49 GBP0.35%109.28 GBPGB United Kingdom
2423Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation38838.00 USD0.32%157.80 USDJP Japan
2526Bank of America Merrill Lynch International L...34826.00 USD0.29%224.00 USDUS United States
2625The Co-operative Bank plc24490.10 GBP0.28%-157.70 GBPGB United Kingdom
2728FCE Bank plc19598.00 GBP0.22%213.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
2829Skipton Building Society19019.70 GBP0.22% GB United Kingdom
2927Scotiabank Europe plc25383.61 USD0.21%81.91 USDCA Canada
3030ICBC Standard Bank Plc23853.70 USD0.20%29.70 USDCN China
3138Metro Bank Plc16355.36 GBP0.18%10.79 GBPGB United Kingdom
3231Investec Bank Plc16296.59 GBP0.18%117.79 GBPGB United Kingdom
3334Leeds Building Society15930.00 GBP0.18% GB United Kingdom
3436Mizuho International plc15395.20 GBP0.17%12.20 GBPJP Japan
3537Tesco Personal Finance PLC12558.30 GBP0.14%137.40 GBPGB United Kingdom
3632Ulster Bank Ltd11987.00 GBP0.14%39.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
3735AIB Group (UK) Plc11835.00 GBP0.13%102.00 GBPIE Ireland
3839J.P. Morgan Europe Limited14718.28 USD0.12%253.29 USDUS United States
3944The Bank of New York Mellon (International) L...10117.22 GBP0.11%16.48 GBPUS United States
4033J.P. Morgan International Bank Limited12821.41 USD0.11%4.32 USDUS United States
4145OneSavings Bank Plc8510.90 GBP0.10%126.90 GBPGB United Kingdom
4241Close Brothers Limited8449.50 GBP0.10%183.90 GBPGB United Kingdom
4343Principality Building Society8281.20 GBP0.09% GB United Kingdom
4455Northern Trust Global Services Ltd8704.50 EUR0.09%38.93 EURUS United States
4547HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited7011.12 GBP0.08%18.55 GBPGB United Kingdom
4658Charter Court Financial Services5926.20 GBP0.07%72.68 GBPGB United Kingdom
4746Nomura Bank International plc7940.78 USD0.07%9.07 USDJP Japan
4848West Bromwich Building Society5830.80 GBP0.07% GB United Kingdom
4954Sainsbury's Bank plc5794.00 GBP0.07%-4.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
5050Marks & Spencer Financial Services Ltd5785.15 GBP0.07%-0.51 GBPGB United Kingdom
5153Shawbrook Bank Limited5701.40 GBP0.06%74.20 GBPGB United Kingdom
5252Gulf International Bank (UK) Limited7676.77 USD0.06%38.02 USDBH Bahrain
5349Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited5321.35 GBP0.06%49.71 GBPUS United States
5451VTB Capital plc6739.79 USD0.06%-14.19 USDRU Russian Federation
5572Paragon Bank Plc4914.21 GBP0.06%17.67 GBPGB United Kingdom
5656C Hoare & Co4409.28 GBP0.05%40.41 GBPGB United Kingdom
5757Itau BBA International Plc5953.35 USD0.05%76.96 USDBR Brazil
5862Newcastle Building Society3621.50 GBP0.04% GB United Kingdom
5963Nottingham Building Society3591.40 GBP0.04% GB United Kingdom
6064Credit Suisse (UK) Limited3334.74 GBP0.04%29.03 GBPCH Switzerland
6159EUROPE ARAB BANK PLC3331.35 GBP0.04%3.64 GBPJO Jordan
6265British Arab Commercial Bank Plc2952.86 GBP0.03%6.83 GBPGB United Kingdom
6471SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Limited2812.98 GBP0.03%-6.72 GBPFR France
6566EFG Private Bank Limited2728.58 GBP0.03%11.84 GBPCH Switzerland
6667FBN Bank (UK) Ltd2717.58 GBP0.03%-0.59 GBPNG Nigeria
6770Rathbone Investment Management Limited2596.10 GBP0.03%50.95 GBPGB United Kingdom
6860ICICI Bank UK Ltd3479.77 USD0.03%-16.08 USDIN India
6968Capital One Bank(Europe) plc2533.64 GBP0.03%166.71 GBPUS United States
7076Schroder & Co Ltd2332.12 GBP0.03%40.22 GBPGB United Kingdom
7173Cumberland Building Society2241.98 GBP0.03% GB United Kingdom
7277National Bank of Kuwait (International) plc3025.05 USD0.03%4.89 USDKW Kuwait
7375Adam & Company plc2232.37 GBP0.03%3.31 GBPGB United Kingdom
7469ICBC (London) Plc2431.24 EUR0.02%21.70 EURCN China
7574Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc2785.25 USD0.02%39.10 USDBH Bahrain
76100TD Bank Europe Limited2047.34 GBP0.02%4.09 GBPCA Canada
7786Secure Trust Bank plc1891.60 GBP0.02%23.80 GBPGB United Kingdom
7889Cynergy Bank LTD1877.12 GBP0.02%0.86 GBPGB United Kingdom
7982National Counties Building Society1865.44 GBP0.02% GB United Kingdom
8081Vanquis Bank Limited1855.10 GBP0.02%-24.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
8178DB UK Bank Limited1816.42 GBP0.02%-2.31 GBPDE Germany
8287Al Rayan Bank Plc1806.31 GBP0.02%8.62 GBPQA Qatar
8380Progressive Building Society1794.91 GBP0.02% GB United Kingdom
8491Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited1783.68 GBP0.02%8.94 GBPGB United Kingdom
8579Bank Leumi (UK) plc1558.58 GBP0.02%12.07 GBPIL Israel
8684Bank of China (UK) Ltd1539.22 GBP0.02%32.06 GBPCN China
8894The Access Bank UK Limited1402.48 GBP0.02%17.78 GBPNG Nigeria
8983Punjab National Bank (International) Limited1455.37 EUR0.01%-111.33 EURIN India
9090Julian Hodge Bank Limited1267.40 GBP0.01%10.20 GBPGB United Kingdom
9185China Construction Bank (London) Limited1681.83 USD0.01%35.54 USDCN China
9297ZENITH BANK (UK) LIMITED1675.76 USD0.01%13.63 USDNG Nigeria
9392Saffron Building Society1114.54 GBP0.01% GB United Kingdom
9493Cambridge Building Society1109.24 GBP0.01% GB United Kingdom
9596Monmouthshire Building Society1053.83 GBP0.01% GB United Kingdom
9698CAF Bank Ltd1039.79 GBP0.01%3.56 GBPGB United Kingdom
9799Bank of London and The Middle East plc1025.89 GBP0.01%3.47 GBPGB United Kingdom
98111United Trust Bank Limited1013.90 GBP0.01%21.27 GBPGB United Kingdom
99101Unity Trust Bank plc1012.38 GBP0.01%3.55 GBPGB United Kingdom
100106Crown Agents Bank Ltd993.05 GBP0.01%0.10 GBPGB United Kingdom

Total assets and annual profit are provided in mln EUR, GBP and USD.

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