Top 100 Banks in the United Kingdom 2018

7 October 2019

In 2018, 100 largest (top) banks in the United Kingdom comprised together 69.38 % of the country's banking assets. Slightly more than the half of these banks (64) have domestic capital, while 36 banks are foreign-controlled (representing 20 different countries, namely United States, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, China, Canada, Ireland, Bahrain, Brazil, Libya, Jordan, India, Nigeria, Russian Federation, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Egypt, Australia, Germany). The domestic banks usually operate as universal banks, while the foreign-controlled banks are focused on corporate and investment banking. Almost all of the 100 top banks are commercial banks (82), followed by building societies (15).

Out of 100 banks, 69 banks reported an increase in total assets. 76 banks reported annual profit, while 9 reported annual loss (profit and loss data are not available for the building societies).

RankPrev. RankNameTotal Assets (mln)Market ShareAnnual Profit (mln)Country of Origin
11Barclays Bank plc877700.00 GBP9.88%1422.00 GBP United Kingdom
22HSBC Bank plc604958.00 GBP6.81%1532.00 GBP United Kingdom
35J.P. Morgan Securities plc668042.18 USD5.88%3369.59 USD United States
43Lloyds Bank Plc472782.00 GBP5.32%5911.00 GBP United Kingdom
57Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltd446199.00 USD3.92%697.00 USD United States
66Bank of Scotland343926.00 GBP3.87%1541.00 GBP United Kingdom
710Standard Chartered Bank425338.00 USD3.74%1411.00 USD United Kingdom
88National Westminster Bank (NatWest)301624.00 GBP3.40%2736.00 GBP United Kingdom
99Santander UK283372.00 GBP3.19%1104.00 GBP Spain
10175Barclays Bank UK Plc (new)251305.00 GBP2.83%1115.00 GBP United Kingdom
114NATWEST MARKETS PLC242041.00 GBP2.72%1217.00 GBP United Kingdom
12n/aHSBC UK Bank Plc (new)238939.00 GBP2.69%763.00 GBP United Kingdom
1311Nationwide Building Society229098.00 GBP2.58%  United Kingdom
1412Credit Suisse International231753.00 USD2.04%59.00 USD Switzerland
1514BARCLAYS CAPITAL SECURITIES LIMITED (new)85122.95 GBP0.96%109.34 GBP United Kingdom
16197Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets Plc (new)70434.00 GBP0.79%106.00 GBP United Kingdom
1724Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation61097.90 USD0.54%213.20 USD Japan
1818Virgin Money Plc44790.90 GBP0.50%71.00 GBP United Kingdom
1916Clydesdale Bank plc43583.00 GBP0.49%-239.00 GBP United Kingdom
2021Coventry Building Society42572.50 GBP0.48%  United Kingdom
2120Yorkshire Building Society42047.20 GBP0.47%  United Kingdom
2217TSB Bank Plc41138.60 GBP0.46%-59.10 GBP Spain
2315Goldman Sachs International Bank38750.19 EUR0.39%61.50 EUR United States
2423Coutts & Company34280.00 GBP0.39%232.00 GBP United Kingdom
2526The Co-operative Bank plc23102.80 GBP0.26%-68.70 GBP United Kingdom
2631Metro Bank Plc21647.00 GBP0.24%27.10 GBP United Kingdom
2728Skipton Building Society21023.60 GBP0.24%  United Kingdom
2830ICBC Standard Bank Plc24574.50 USD0.22%-14.80 USD China
2929Scotiabank Europe plc24515.55 USD0.22%77.41 USD Canada
3027FCE Bank plc19006.00 GBP0.21%209.00 GBP United Kingdom
3132Investec Bank Plc18643.49 GBP0.21%97.84 GBP United Kingdom
3233Leeds Building Society18484.00 GBP0.21%  United Kingdom
3334Mizuho International plc15517.30 GBP0.17%27.60 GBP Japan
3435Tesco Personal Finance PLC14312.40 GBP0.16%141.10 GBP United Kingdom
3539The Bank of New York Mellon (International) L...12388.37 GBP0.14%224.59 GBP United States
3637AIB Group (UK) Plc11869.00 GBP0.13%111.00 GBP Ireland
3736Ulster Bank Ltd11641.00 GBP0.13%47.00 GBP United Kingdom
3841OneSavings Bank Plc10569.50 GBP0.12%140.30 GBP United Kingdom
39n/aAldermore Bank Plc10467.40 GBP0.12%115.90 GBP United Kingdom
4042Close Brothers Limited9395.50 GBP0.11%186.80 GBP United Kingdom
4143Principality Building Society9262.60 GBP0.10%  United Kingdom
42n/aBARCLAYS SERVICES LIMITED7992.73 GBP0.09%263.07 GBP United Kingdom
4349Sainsbury's Bank plc7765.00 GBP0.09%19.00 GBP United Kingdom
4452Gulf International Bank BSC9609.48 USD0.08%23.65 USD Bahrain
4555Paragon Bank Plc7488.86 GBP0.08%156.43 GBP United Kingdom
4638J.P. Morgan Europe Limited9533.72 USD0.08%125.30 USD United States
4746Charter Court Financial Services6878.80 GBP0.08%86.30 GBP United Kingdom
4851Shawbrook Bank Limited6805.60 GBP0.08%82.00 GBP United Kingdom
4945HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limited6404.24 GBP0.07%31.51 GBP United Kingdom
5013Abbey National Treasury Services plc6088.00 GBP0.07%19.20 GBP Spain
5148West Bromwich Building Society5781.50 GBP0.07%  United Kingdom
5250Marks & Spencer Financial Services Ltd5569.90 GBP0.06%19.04 GBP United Kingdom
5357Itau BBA International Plc6859.78 USD0.06%105.54 USD Brazil
5453Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited (closed)5178.71 GBP0.06%27.69 GBP United States
5547Nomura Bank International plc6327.14 USD0.06%10.31 USD Japan
5656C Hoare & Co4573.11 GBP0.05%23.94 GBP United Kingdom
5759Nottingham Building Society3900.40 GBP0.04%  United Kingdom
5862British Arab Commercial Bank Plc3893.85 GBP0.04%-35.31 GBP United Kingdom
5958Newcastle Building Society3762.10 GBP0.04%  United Kingdom
6063ABC INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC3696.00 GBP0.04%23.09 GBP Libya
6160Credit Suisse (UK) Limited3502.34 GBP0.04%29.20 GBP Switzerland
6261EUROPE ARAB BANK PLC3252.94 GBP0.04%7.55 GBP Jordan
6365EFG Private Bank Limited3073.24 GBP0.03%35.89 GBP United Kingdom
6468ICICI Bank UK Ltd3884.34 USD0.03%-25.55 USD India
6566FBN Bank (UK) Ltd2813.63 GBP0.03%-36.47 GBP Nigeria
6667Rathbone Investment Management Limited2616.72 GBP0.03%47.83 GBP United Kingdom
6769Capital One Bank(Europe) plc (closed)2553.16 GBP0.03%112.62 GBP United States
6871Cumberland Building Society2522.77 GBP0.03%  United Kingdom
6977Secure Trust Bank plc2444.30 GBP0.03%28.30 GBP United Kingdom
7075Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc2909.86 USD0.03%35.19 USD United Kingdom
7170Schroder & Co Ltd2271.86 GBP0.03%47.77 GBP United Kingdom
7284Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited2170.71 GBP0.02%12.98 GBP United Kingdom
7374ICBC (London) Plc2374.63 EUR0.02%25.37 EUR China
7454VTB Capital plc2692.64 USD0.02%-63.95 USD Russian Federation
7579National Counties Building Society2021.78 GBP0.02%  United Kingdom
7672National Bank of Kuwait (International) plc2557.42 USD0.02%16.29 USD Kuwait
7782Al Rayan Bank Plc1965.68 GBP0.02%6.43 GBP Qatar
7880Vanquis Bank Limited1958.60 GBP0.02%145.90 GBP United Kingdom
79117Atom Bank Plc (new)1957.33 GBP0.02%-53.35 GBP United Kingdom
8078Cynergy Bank LTD1955.02 GBP0.02%4.60 GBP United Kingdom
8188The Access Bank UK Limited (new)1910.88 GBP0.02%26.06 GBP Nigeria
8283Progressive Building Society1787.92 GBP0.02%  United Kingdom
83111Oaknorth Bank PLC (new)1770.81 GBP0.02%26.58 GBP United Kingdom
8486Bank of China (UK) Ltd1630.98 GBP0.02%51.12 GBP China
8585Bank Leumi (UK) plc1536.58 GBP0.02%10.91 GBP Israel
8692ZENITH BANK (UK) LIMITED1904.34 USD0.02%27.51 USD Nigeria
8890Julian Hodge Bank Limited1363.40 GBP0.02%5.50 GBP United Kingdom
8997Bank of London and Middle East plc1272.95 GBP0.01%10.67 GBP United Kingdom
9094Cambridge Building Society1230.77 GBP0.01%  United Kingdom
91105Macquarie Bank International Ltd1199.67 GBP0.01%6.98 GBP Australia
9298United Trust Bank Limited1186.42 GBP0.01%25.17 GBP United Kingdom
93100Crown Agents Bank Ltd1135.54 GBP0.01%3.67 GBP United Kingdom
9496CAF Bank Ltd1106.26 GBP0.01%4.49 GBP United Kingdom
9581DB UK Bank Limited1086.72 GBP0.01%72.73 GBP Germany
9699Unity Trust Bank plc1076.89 GBP0.01%5.97 GBP United Kingdom
9789Punjab National Bank (International) Limited1202.02 EUR0.01%5.89 EUR India
9895Monmouthshire Building Society1059.05 GBP0.01%  United Kingdom
99102Leek United Building Society1039.42 GBP0.01%  United Kingdom
100109Brown Shipley & Co Limited1036.57 GBP0.01%4.20 GBP United Kingdom

Total assets and annual profit are provided in mln EUR, GBP and USD.

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