Top 100 Banks in the United Kingdom 2019

20 September 2020

In 2019, 100 largest (top) banks in the United Kingdom comprised together 70.68 % of the country's banking assets. Slightly more than the half of these banks (59) have domestic capital, while 41 banks are foreign-controlled (representing 22 different countries, namely United States, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Sweden, China, Ireland, Brazil, Jordan, Libya, India, Nigeria, France, Qatar, Kuwait, Russian Federation, Egypt, the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, Germany). The domestic banks usually operate as universal banks, while the foreign-controlled banks are focused on corporate and investment banking. Almost all of the 100 top banks are commercial banks (82), followed by building societies (15).

Out of 100 banks, 65 banks reported an increase in total assets. 67 banks reported annual profit, while 20 reported annual loss (profit and loss data are not available for the building societies).

RankPrev. RankNameTotal Assets (mln)Market ShareAnnual Profit (mln)Country of Origin
11Barclays Bank plc876672.00 GBP9.63%2780.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
22HSBC Bank plc636491.00 GBP6.99%-991.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
34Lloyds Bank Plc505750.00 GBP5.56%2157.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
43J.P. Morgan Securities plc658175.96 USD5.48%2041.37 USDUS United States
56Bank of Scotland381502.00 GBP4.19%674.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
65Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltd502508.00 USD4.18%549.00 USDUS United States
78National Westminster Bank310954.00 GBP3.42%884.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
87Standard Chartered Bank388141.00 USD3.23%-3650.00 USDGB United Kingdom
99Santander UK281702.00 GBP3.09%733.00 GBPES Spain
1010Barclays Bank UK Plc258398.00 GBP2.84%156.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1112HSBC UK Bank Plc257102.00 GBP2.82%516.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1211NATWEST MARKETS PLC248053.00 GBP2.72%-121.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1313Nationwide Building Society238301.00 GBP2.62% GB United Kingdom
1414Credit Suisse International233678.00 USD1.94%336.00 USDCH Switzerland
16n/aThe Royal Bank of Scotland Plc90602.00 GBP1.00%660.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1716Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets Plc79702.00 GBP0.88%445.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1819Clydesdale Bank plc47960.00 GBP0.53%-139.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
1920Coventry Building Society46070.90 GBP0.51% GB United Kingdom
20n/aRBC Europe Limited44888.98 GBP0.49%50.65 GBPCA Canada
2121Yorkshire Building Society43054.70 GBP0.47% GB United Kingdom
2222TSB Bank Plc39535.90 GBP0.43%21.90 GBPES Spain
2323Goldman Sachs International Bank45412.13 EUR0.42%117.74 EURUS United States
2417Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation48009.30 USD0.40%275.30 USDJP Japan
2524Coutts & Company34037.00 GBP0.37%220.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
26n/aHandelsbanken plc31561.73 GBP0.35%183.54 GBPSE Sweden
2725The Co-operative Bank plc23435.50 GBP0.26%-153.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
2827Skipton Building Society23204.40 GBP0.25% GB United Kingdom
2926Metro Bank Plc21400.00 GBP0.24%-182.60 GBPGB United Kingdom
3029Scotiabank Europe plc27655.28 USD0.23%72.70 USDCA Canada
3131Investec Bank Plc20582.14 GBP0.23%159.28 GBPGB United Kingdom
3230FCE Bank plc20539.00 GBP0.23%224.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
3332Leeds Building Society19390.10 GBP0.21% GB United Kingdom
3433Mizuho International plc19384.10 GBP0.21%-19.50 GBPJP Japan
3528ICBC Standard Bank Plc24425.50 USD0.20%-248.20 USDCN China
3634Tesco Personal Finance PLC15355.80 GBP0.17%143.30 GBPGB United Kingdom
3738OneSavings Bank Plc13469.90 GBP0.15%158.80 GBPGB United Kingdom
3839Aldermore Bank Plc12471.90 GBP0.14%102.10 GBPGB United Kingdom
3936AIB Group (UK) Plc11652.00 GBP0.13%106.00 GBPIE Ireland
4037Ulster Bank Ltd11236.00 GBP0.12%16.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
4135The Bank of New York Mellon (International) L...9761.98 GBP0.11%32.99 GBPUS United States
4240Close Brothers Limited9710.70 GBP0.11%191.90 GBPGB United Kingdom
4341Principality Building Society9687.40 GBP0.11% GB United Kingdom
4443Sainsbury's Bank plc8832.00 GBP0.10%-35.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
4547Charter Court Financial Services8719.90 GBP0.10%66.00 GBPGB United Kingdom
4645Paragon Bank Plc8640.96 GBP0.09%97.22 GBPGB United Kingdom
4748Shawbrook Bank Limited8248.00 GBP0.09%93.80 GBPGB United Kingdom
4842Barclays Execution Services Limited7992.73 GBP0.09%344.09 GBPGB United Kingdom
4950Santander Financial Services plc6733.00 GBP0.07%-6.70 GBPES Spain
5052Marks & Spencer Financial Services Ltd6030.00 GBP0.07%-118.56 GBPGB United Kingdom
5151West Bromwich Building Society5553.90 GBP0.06% GB United Kingdom
5254Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited5497.26 GBP0.06%38.12 GBPUS United States
5356C Hoare & Co4863.09 GBP0.05%25.76 GBPGB United Kingdom
54202Citibank UK Limited4810.64 GBP0.05%7.09 GBPUS United States
5553Itau BBA International Plc6177.22 USD0.05%59.34 USDBR Brazil
5655Nomura Bank International plc5999.05 USD0.05%6.25 USDJP Japan
5746J.P. Morgan Europe Limited5688.65 USD0.05%100.63 USDUS United States
5857Nottingham Building Society4053.60 GBP0.04% GB United Kingdom
5959Newcastle Building Society3697.80 GBP0.04% GB United Kingdom
6063EFG Private Bank Limited3504.67 GBP0.04%10.23 GBPGB United Kingdom
6161Credit Suisse (UK) Limited3483.98 GBP0.04%25.65 GBPCH Switzerland
6266Rathbone Investment Management Limited3199.38 GBP0.04%41.49 GBPGB United Kingdom
6362EUROPE ARAB BANK PLC3052.75 GBP0.03%2.24 GBPJO Jordan
6564ICICI Bank UK Ltd3840.16 USD0.03%-52.87 USDIN India
6658British Arab Commercial Bank Plc2779.32 GBP0.03%7.63 GBPGB United Kingdom
6779Atom Bank Plc2772.30 GBP0.03%-80.24 GBPGB United Kingdom
6883Oaknorth Bank PLC2729.92 GBP0.03%49.98 GBPGB United Kingdom
6969Secure Trust Bank plc2682.80 GBP0.03%31.10 GBPGB United Kingdom
7065FBN Bank (UK) Ltd2653.43 GBP0.03%26.98 GBPNG Nigeria
7172Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited2584.16 GBP0.03%5.37 GBPGB United Kingdom
7268Cumberland Building Society2576.80 GBP0.03% GB United Kingdom
7367Capital One Bank(Europe) plc2554.68 GBP0.03%-34.62 GBPUS United States
7480Cynergy Bank LTD2471.90 GBP0.03%13.52 GBPGB United Kingdom
7570Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc3210.26 USD0.03%40.81 USDGB United Kingdom
76n/aSG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Limited2332.60 GBP0.03%-34.00 GBPFR France
7771Schroder & Co Ltd2261.44 GBP0.02%42.22 GBPGB United Kingdom
7877Al Rayan Bank Plc2247.30 GBP0.02%6.11 GBPQA Qatar
7975National Counties Building Society2166.48 GBP0.02% GB United Kingdom
8076National Bank of Kuwait (International) plc2647.69 USD0.02%25.60 USDKW Kuwait
8173ICBC (London) Plc2254.08 EUR0.02%18.98 EURCN China
8278Vanquis Bank Limited1889.40 GBP0.02%138.60 GBPGB United Kingdom
8382Progressive Building Society1839.09 GBP0.02% GB United Kingdom
8474VTB Capital plc2128.02 USD0.02%-59.13 USDRU Russian Federation
8589Bank of London and The Middle East plc1548.60 GBP0.02%8.69 GBPGB United Kingdom
8690Cambridge Building Society1455.34 GBP0.02% GB United Kingdom
8892United Trust Bank Limited1406.62 GBP0.02%22.98 GBPGB United Kingdom
8984Bank of China (UK) Ltd1380.33 GBP0.02%32.11 GBPCN China
9088Julian Hodge Bank Limited1378.70 GBP0.02%-5.70 GBPGB United Kingdom
91n/aTriodos UK Limited1378.37 GBP0.02%3.63 GBPNL Netherlands
9291Macquarie Bank International Ltd1357.49 GBP0.01%3.99 GBPAU Australia
9385Bank Leumi (UK) plc1334.19 GBP0.01%9.96 GBPIL Israel
94106TD Bank Europe Limited1325.77 GBP0.01%10.83 GBPCA Canada
9595DB UK Bank Limited1317.38 GBP0.01%-12.66 GBPDE Germany
96102Hampshire Trust Bank plc1283.90 GBP0.01%10.80 GBPGB United Kingdom
9786ZENITH BANK (UK) LIMITED1691.57 USD0.01%27.51 USDNG Nigeria
9893Crown Agents Bank Ltd1209.51 GBP0.01%4.18 GBPGB United Kingdom
99n/aBank Of Baroda (UK) Limited1155.32 GBP0.01%-0.34 GBPIN India
100n/aMacquarie Capital (Europe) Ltd.1126.63 GBP0.01%-10.51 GBPAU Australia

Total assets and annual profit are provided in mln EUR, GBP and USD.

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