Savings and Loan Associations in Estonia

11 January 2018

Savings and Loan Associations (SLAs, est: Hoiu-laenuühistu) are cooperative financial institutions established to provide modern financial services to their members. Savings and loan associations are focused on providing deposits and loans to its members, but they have started offering other financial services, such as leasing, guarantees, factoring, financial advisory services, and online payments.

Number of SLAs in Estonia Number of Opened and Closed SLAs in Estonia

Operating Savings and Loan Association in Estonia

Currently there are 24 savings and loan associations operating in Estonia.

Eesti Arengu Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
Eesti Kapital Invest Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
Hea Koostöö Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
HLÜ E-Hoius (new)Tallinn
HLÜ Geldex Eesti (new)Tallinn
Hoiu-laenuühistu ERIAL (new)Tallinn
Intus Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
Kambja Hoiu-LaenuühistuKambja alevik
Kehtna Hoiu-LaenuühistuKehtna alevik
Kindel HLÜ (new)Tallinn
Kodumaa Kapitali HLÜ (new)Tallinn
Lääne Hoiu-LaenuühistuMärjamaa alev
Leie Hoiu-laenuühistuLeie küla, Viljandi vald
Loo Hoiu-LaenuühistuLoo alevik
Maaelu Edendamise Hoiu-laenuühistuJärva-Jaani alev
Octotron Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)Jälgimäe küla, Saku vald
Põhja-Eesti Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
Raha Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)Tartu linn
Rahva Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)Tallinn
Saaremaa Hoiu-LaenuühistuKuressaare linn
Tallinna Hoiu-LaenuühistuTallinn

Recently Opened Savings and Loan Associations

During 2013-2017, 13 savings and loan association were established.

NameCommunityFounded On
Eesti Arengu Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)TallinnJuly 2014
Eesti Kapital Invest Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)TallinnSeptember 2019
Hea Koostöö Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)TallinnNovember 2015
HLÜ E-Hoius (new)TallinnJanuary 2019
HLÜ Geldex Eesti (new)TallinnSeptember 2016
Hoiu-laenuühistu ERIAL (new)TallinnJanuary 2018
Intus Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)TallinnNovember 2014
Kindel HLÜ (new)TallinnDecember 2016
Kodumaa Kapitali HLÜ (new)TallinnJanuary 2015
Octotron Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)Jälgimäe küla, Saku valdAugust 2013
Põhja-Eesti Hoiu-laenuühistu (new)TallinnOctober 2013
Raha Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)Tartu linnJanuary 2014
Rahva Hoiu-Laenuühistu (new)TallinnJuly 2019

Recently Closed Savings and Loan Associations

During 2013-2017, 7 savings and loan association were closed down.

NameCommunityClosed On
Eesti Evangeelne Luterlik Hoiu- Laenuühistu (closed)TallinnMarch 2017
Kesk-Eesti Hoiu- Laenuühistu (closed)Jõgeva maakondJanuary 2016
Kinnisvara Hoiu- Laenuühistu (closed)TallinnFebruary 2017
Liivimaa Hoiu-Laenuühistu (closed)TartuFebruary 2016
Lõuna Hoiu-Laenuühistu (closed)TartuJanuary 2015
Metsa Hoiu-Laenuühistu (closed)Risti valdJanuary 2016
Ökobank Viiratsi Hoiu- Laenuühistu (closed)ViljandiMay 2013

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