Specialized credit institutions in France

16 December 2018

Specialized credit institutions in France are represented by 185 institutions; 15 have been closed down during 2013-2018. Such institutions are either focused on a specific set of products and services (for example, asset management, leasing and factoring, real estate financing) or on a specific customer group (for example, French Reunion residents, film and TV industry). Financial data are available for 104 institutions, of which 94 reported annual profit in 2017 and 10 reported annual loss. In 2017 total assets of these institutions were 518.05 bln EUR comprising 7.46 % of consolidated assets of banks operating in France.

List of Specialized Credit Institutions

NameBusiness FocusTotal AssetsNet Income
AGCO finance SNCfinancing solutions for AGCO brands1385.92 13.61
Agence française de développementpublic development funding40929.29 214.60
AGENCE FRANCE LOCALEfunding of local authorities
Agrifigest-Alma - Société financière et ag...financing solutions for farmers
Alsabail - Alsacienne de credit bail immobilierreal estate leasing427.93 2.03
Alsoliacredit cards
Amundiasset management
Amundi financeguarantees in asset management0.00 0.00
Amundi tenue de comptesemployee savings accounts
Arkea credit bailleasing solutions1393.66 24.24
Arkéa Home Loans SFHresidential home loans covered bonds5179.88 0.21
Arkéa public sector SCFpublic sector covered bonds1169.40 0.07
Auxifipgreen financing solutions3592.62 16.71
AXA BANK EUROPE SCFmortgage covered bonds6882.59 12.20
AXA Home Loan SFHresidential home loans covered bonds
Bail-actealeasing solutions1016.78 5.92
Banques Populaires covered bondsresidential home loans covered bonds698.82 0.08
Bati Leasecommercial real estate financing629.65 2.18
Batifrancreal estate leasing94.52 0.32
Batimapreal estate leasing
Batiroc Bretagne - Pays de Loirereal estate leasing463.74 1.56
BGFIBANK EUROPEcorporate banking
Bibby factor Francefactoring solutions
BMW Financefinancing solutions for BMW brands3638.39 39.61
BNP Paribas Factorfactoring solutions8984.89 34.55
BNP Paribas home loan SFHresidential home loans covered bonds28976.08 0.73
BNP Paribas Public Sector SCFpublic sector covered bonds1979.24 3.38
BOA Francebanking solutions related to Africa
Bourgogne garantiefinancial guarantees15.33 0.07
BPCE Bailleasing solutions1165.93 1.95
BPCE Factorfactoring solutions8221.62 28.75
BPCE International et Outremer (BPCE IOM)equity interests of BPCE abroad2314.32 -105.35
BPCE leaseleasing solutions4856.75 -111.64
BPCE lease immoreal estate leasing3952.40 8.69
BPCE SFHresidential home loans covered bonds25879.08 3.10
Bpifrance Régionsbank loans for innovative projects688.69 2.48
C.R.H. - Caisse de refinancement de l'habitatresidential home loans covered bonds
C2C - Cartes et crédits à la consommationcredit cards and consumer loans
Cafineoconsumer finance164.43 3.04
Caisse de développement de la Corsefinancing and leasing to the residents of Corsica
Caisse de garantie du logement locatif socialsocial rental guarantees
Caisse Française de Financement Localpublic sector covered bonds
Caisse mutuelle de garantie des industries m...guarantees for metal industry
Caisse solidairesolidarity finance
Capitole Finance - Tofinsoequipment leasing solutions830.43 1.04
Caterpillar finance france s.a.financing solutions for CAT brands
Central expansionfinancing solutions
Cholet Dupontwealth management
Cicobailreal estate leasing1162.42 8.83
CIF EUROMORTGAGEreal estate loans8891.21 1.50
Claas financial servicesfinancing solutions for CLAAS brands1874.14 28.56
CMV Médiforceretail banking and leasing for medical prefessionals445.65 6.63
CNH Industrial Capital Europefinancing solutions for CNH brands2965.19 35.05
CNH Industrial Financial Servicesfinancing solutions for CNH brands914.17 27.99
Cofacréditfactoring solutions792.35 6.58
Cofica bailvehicle leasing solutions1300.81 -4.15
Cofiloisirs - Compagnie pour le financement d...financing of TV projects
Cofiplan S.A.financing solutions
Commerzbank holdings Franceholding company
Compagnie de financement foncierpublic sector covered bonds78366.59 58.21
Compagnie financière de Bourbonspecialized financing solutions
Compagnie financière du littoral - Cofilitcoastal financing
Compagnie générale de location d'équipemen...vehicle and consumer loans5358.56 51.45
Compagnie pour la location de véhicules - CLVvehicle and consumer loans
Comptoir financier de garantie - CFGfinancial guarantees
Conservateur Financeinvestment management
Coopérative immobilière des îles Saint-Pie...real estate financing
Corsabailleasing for SMEs in Corsica
Créalfirevolving credits to Castorama customers
Crédit Agricole home loan SFHresidential home loans covered bonds26355.22 0.23
Crédit agricole leasing & factoringleasing and factoring10425.41 60.11
Crédit Agricole Public Sector SCFpublic sector covered bonds3029.77 0.08
Crédit financier lilloisfinancing solutions
Crédit foncier et communal d'Alsace et de Lo...mortgage covered bonds0.00 0.00
Crédit liftdebt consolidation
Crédit logementguarantees residential property loans
Credit moderne Antilles Guyaneproject financing for French overseas territories754.73 14.80
Credit moderne Ocean Indienproject financing for French overseas territories699.40 18.24
Crédit Mutuel Factoringfactoring solutions7580.00 7.80
Crédit Mutuel Home Loan SFHresidential home loans covered bonds22659.10 3.00
Crédit Mutuel Leasingleasing solutions7143.05 -195.34
Crédit mutuel Real Estate Leaseleasing solutions4435.06 14.40
Credits et services financierscredits and financial services
De Lage Landen leasing S.A.S.leasing solutions738.37 9.76
Deutsche leasing Franceleasing solutions
Dexia C.L.F. régions bailleasing solutions
Dexia Flobailleasing solutions0.00 0.00
Diacfinancing solutions9930.63 -163.77
Diffucofinancing solutions
Disponisfinancing solutions
Domofinancegreen energy financing solutions1229.04 5.35
Ebi SAcorporate banking related to Africa540.41 5.12
Epargne crédit des militaires (E.C.M.)banking solutions for military
Ester finance titrisationsecuritization15500.67 49.34
Euler Hermès crédit Francetrade-related credit insurance
Europeenne de cautionnement S.A.financing solutions to tobacco retailers
Exane derivativesinvestment solutions12345.82 -36.35
Exane financeinvestment solutions8631.80 0.87
FC Francefinancing solutions for FCA brands0.00 0.00
Fimiparfinancing solutions
Finamurfinancial leasing5010.55 19.87
Financiere du Marche Saint-Honorefinancing solutions
Financoconsumer credit2114.50 10.17
Finifacinvoice management to Carrefour suppliers
FL Autoleasing solutions for FCA brands
Foncarisfinancing solutions441.20 6.04
Fonds regional de garantie du Nord-Pas-de-Calaisfinancial guarantees
Fortis leaseleasing solutions594.34 5.41
France active garantie FAG S.A.financial guarantees
Franfinanceconsumer credit3342.82 47.42
GE Capital équipement financeleasing solutions0.00 0.00
GE SCFmortgage covered bonds578.64 -6.22
Gedex distributionloans to Gedex members
Généfimcommercial real estate leasing2652.78 22.14
HSBC Factoring (France)international factoring2372.05 7.52
HSBC Leasing (France)leasing solutions1498.19 88.28
HSBC Real Estate Leasing (France)real estate leasing1408.20 9.54
HSBC SFH (FRANCE)mortgage covered bonds3723.07 1.04
IBM France financementfinancing for all IBM solutions598.08 4.88
IFN Finance S.A.trade financing solutions
Institut pour le financement du cinéma et de...financing of culture industry
Inter Europe conseilinvestment management6660.11 346.12
Inter-Coop ( 2ème du nom)financing solutions
Interfimofinancing to independent professionals496.37 17.03
JCB Financefinancing solutions for JCB brands460.81 3.92
John Deere financialfinancing solutions for John Deere brands
KBC bail immobilier France SASreal estate leasing
La Banque Postale credit entreprisesbusiness loans8994.55 23.97
La Banque Postale Financementpersonal loans
LA BANQUE POSTALE HOME LOAN SFHresidential home loans covered bonds
LixxBailfinancial leasing5005.77 3.05
LixxCréditleasing and factoring490.15 0.27
Locam - Location automobiles matérielsleasing and factoring
Locindus S.A.consumer finance713.49 8.21
Loisirs financefinancing solutions for TRIGANO brands815.29 4.85
Loomis FX, Gold and Servicesgold management services
MACSF Financementconsumer finance
MAN financial services SASfinancing solutions for MAN brands
Ménafinanceconsumer finance
Mercedes-Benz financial services France S.A.financing solutions for Daimler brands
MGFleasing solutions
Natiocrédibailleasing solutions2849.48 14.81
Natiocredimurs, société en nom collectifleasing solutions2779.37 -10.59
Natixis coficinéfinancing of film and TV industry656.11 6.93
Natixis Energécoproject financing for sustainable development1102.64 16.00
Natixis financementconsumer finance2206.78 41.36
Natixis fundinginvestment management796.67 1.66
Norbail Sofergiereal estate leasing
Norbail-Immobilierreal estate leasing646.64 1.93
Nord Europe leaseleasing solutions
Norrsken financeconsumer finance for IKEA customers
Oceor lease Réunionvehicle leasing solutions417.45 0.93
Oddo corporate financeinvestment banking
Oudart S.A.portfolio management
Parileaseleasing solutions954.14 -99.24
Priorispayment services484.65 11.52
Projeopayment services
S.I.R.C.A.M.tailored financing and leasing
Same Deutz-Fahr financefinancing solutions for SDF brands
Scania finance Francefinancing solutions for SCANIA brands364.14 3.38
SEDEF (société européenne de développemen...payment services730.73 0.56
Sefiafinancing solutions655.62 6.39
SGB Financemarine financing903.68 11.47
Siemens financial servicesfinancial B2B solutions
Société alsacienne de développement et d'e...professional real estate financing0.00 0.00
Société anonyme de gestion et de financemen...consumer finance
Société auxiliaire d'études et d'investiss...investment management
Société centrale pour le financement de l'i...real estate financing1030.79 11.58
Société coopérative et mutuelle de la rég...guarantees for PACA companies
Société coopérative pour la rénovation et...financial engineering for affiliate marketers
Société de financement de la meuneriefinancing solutions
Société de garantie coopérative et mutuell...financial engineering for metal companies
Société de gestion des fonds de garantie d'...financial guarantees
Société de promotion et de participation po...financial support for Southern countries
Société financière Antilles Guyane - SOFIAGfinancing solutions related to Antilles Guyane
Société financière de la N.E.F.green financing solutions
Société financière des entreprises du Gard...funding services for SMEs
Société financière pour le développement ...retail banking for French Reunion residents
SOCIETE GENERALE Factoringfactoring solutions8439.30 24.88
Société générale pour le développement d...leasing solutions
Société Générale SCFfunding for Société Générale Group9905.86 6.62
Société générale SFHresidential home loans covered bonds30992.74 23.84
Société interprofessionnelle artisanale de ...financial guarantees
Société réunionnaise de financement - Sorefifinancing for French Reunion
SOFIAP (Société financière pour l'accessio...housing financing2043.76 0.24
Sofiprotéolfinancing solutions for farmers709.26 9.23
SOFISCOPfinancial guarantees
Sofiscop Sud-Estfinancial guarantees
Sogal-Societe de garantie des entreprises lai...financial guarantees
Sogama - crédit associatiffinancial guarantees
Sogefimurleasing solutions1779.27 1.85
Sogefinancementconsumer finance6531.59 115.25
Sogefinerg-Société générale pour le finan...project financing for sustainable development
Sogelease Francereal estate leasing3057.36 -6.24
SOMAFI-SOGUAFIconsumer finance259.29 5.26
Sud-ouest bailreal estate leasing184.13 0.15
Unifergie - Union pour le financement des éc...green energy financing solutions
Union notariale financière de crédit - Unof...financing solutions
VFS Finance Francefinancing solutions for VOLVO brands
YOUNITEDconsumer finance

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