Specialized credit institutions in Spain

18 December 2018

Specialized credit institutions in Spain are represented by 50 institutions; 2 have been closed down during 2013-2018. Such institutions are either focused on a specific set of products and services (for example, consumer finance, leasing and factoring, real estate financing) or on a specific customer group (for example, public healthcare providers, Volkswagen customers).

List of Specialized Credit Institutions

NameBusiness Focus
A.I.G. Finanzas S.A. E.F.Cinternational insurance
Adquiera Servicios Financieros E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Avant Tarjeta, EFC, S.Acredit cards
Bancantabria Inversiones, S.A., E.F.C.business financing solutions
Bankinter Consumer Finance, E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Bansabadell Financiación E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions
Bansabadell Fincom, E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Barclays Factoring, S.A., E.F.C.factoring solutions
Bilbao Hipotecaria, S.A., E.F.C.mortgage loans
Caterpillar Financial Corporación Financiera, S.A., E.F.C.financing solutions for CAT brands
Celeris Servicios Financieros, S.A., E.F.C.financing solutions
Citifin, S.A., E.F.C.personal and mortgage loans
Cofiber Financiera, E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Corporación Hipotecaria Mutual, S.A., E.F.C.mortgage loans
Deutsche Leasing Iberica, E.F.C., S.A.leasing solutions
Entre2 Servicios Financieros, E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions
Euro Crédito E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Fga Capital Spain, E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for FCA brands
Financiera Carrión, S.A., E.F.C.personal and mortgage loans
Financiera El Corte Inglés E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for El Corte Inglés customers
Financiera española de crédito a distancia, E.F.C., S.A.consumer loans online
Finandia E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for Dia customers
Finanmadrid, S.A., E.F.C.consumer and car loans
Finconsum, E.F.C., S.A.consumer credit
Ibercaja Leasing y Financiación, S.A., E.F.C.leasing and factoring
ING Real Estate Finance S.E., E.F.C., S.A.real estate financing
IOS Finance E.F.C., S.A.invoice management to public healthcare
Komatsu Financial Spain, E.F.C, S.A.financing solutions for Komatsu brands
KUTXABANK KREDIT, E.F.C., S.A.consumer credit
Lico Leasing, S.A., E.F.C.leasing and factoring
Luzaro E.F.C. S.Afinancing solutions for Basque SMEs
Madrid Leasing Corporación, S.A., E.F.C.leasing and factoring
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services España E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for Daimler brands
Montjuich Ef E.F.C., S.A.consumer credit
Oney Servicios Financieros, E.F.C., S.A.credit cards and consumer loans
Pastor Servicios Financieros, E.F.C., S.Aconsumer finance
Popular de Factoring, S.A., E.F.C.factoring solutions
Sa Nostra de Inversiones, E.F.C., S.A.business banking
Santander Brasil, E.F.C., S.A.universal banking for Brazilian customers
Santander Consumer, E.F.C., S.A.consumer finance
Santander Factoring y Confirming, S.A., E.F.C.factoring solutions
Santander Lease, S.A. EFCleasing solutions
Scania Finance Hispania, E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for SCANIA brands
Servicios Financieros Carrefour, E.F.C., S.A.payment cards PASS
SG Equipment Finance Iberia, E.F.C., S.A.equipment financing solutions
Sociedad Conjunta para la Emisión y Gestión de Medios de Pago, E.F.C., S.Acredit cards
Transolver Finance, E.F.C., S.A.commercial vehicles financing
Unión Cto. Fin. Mob. e Inm., Credifimo, E.F.C., S.A.consumer and mortgage loans
Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios, S.A., E.F.C.mortgage loans
Unión Financiera Asturiana, S.A., E.F.C.retail banking in Asturia
VFS Financial Services Spain E.F.C., S.A.financing solutions for VOLVO brands
Volkswagen Finance S.A., E.F.C.financing solutions for Volkswagen brands

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