Bank Directory

Banks by Country

  • 8,000 banks grouped by country
  • business overview
  • key financial data
  • credit ratings
  • deposit guarantee
  • bank identifiers

Banks by Country is a starting point to navigate bank directory, containing profiles of about 8,000 banks operating in Europe and selected dependent terriroties of the European countries. The bank profiles contain business overview, key financial data, credit ratings (if assigned), deposit guarantee, contact details, and bank identifiers. "Banks by Country" page provides further navigation into lists of banks in particular countries.


Bank and EMI Search

  • 8,000 banks
  • 200 EMIs
  • search by name
  • by BIC
  • by country

Bank and EMI Search allows to find a bank or an EMI using a part of its name or BIC code, or a country name.


Largest Banks in Europe

  • 30 largest banks
  • rank
  • total assets
  • net income
  • return on assets

Largest Banks in Europe page contains a list of 30 largest European banks in terms of total assets.


Banking Groups

  • 50 banking groups
  • provided services
  • group brands
  • locations in Europe
  • area served

Banking Groups page contains information about European banking groups including provided services, area served, head bank, group brands and group members located in Europe.


Top Rated Banks

  • 100 top-rated banks
  • country of origin
  • rank
  • credit ratings by Fitch
  • credit ratings by Moody's

Top Rated Banks is a list of European banks having the highest credit ratings assigned by Fitch and Moody's. Long-term credit ratings (i.e., a credit rating agency's view of a banks’s relative vulnerability to default on its financial obligations in a long-term period) are shown.


List of Electronic Money Institutions

  • 200 EMIs
  • personal IBAN accounts
  • business IBAN accounts
  • payment cards
  • money transfers
  • cryptocurrencies

An electronic money institution (EMI) is an undertaking that has been authorised to issue e-money. E-money institutions (EMIs) offer a wide range of products, services and solutions in payment processing and alternative banking, ranging from merchant accounts and cross-border money transfers to elite payment cards and private banking approach to corporate clients.