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List of Banks in France

There are currently 262 credit institutions operating in France, 80 credit institutions were recently closed. The list of credit institutions operating and recently closed in France is shown below, the list also includes credit ratings set by Fitch and Moody's. For each credit institution contact details, bank identifiers, bank category, credit ratings (if assigned), deposit guarantee, key financial data (for selected commercial banks, mutual banks, specialized credit institutions) are available.

The following categories of institutions are not included in this list and considered separately:

NameBusiness FocusRatingTotal Assets (mln EUR)
Aareal bank AGstructured property financingn/a
ABC international bank plccorporate banking, Shariah banking (5.0)
Adyen NV (new)online paymentsn/a
Al Khaliji Franceretail and corporate banking (5.0)923.55
Allianz banqueretail banking (1.8)1169.12
American Express carte Francepayment cardsn/a1017.29
Arkéa banking servicesIT banking servicesn/a
Arkéa banque entreprises et institutionnelscorporate and institutional banking (2.3)24903.79
ARKEA DIRECT BANKdirect retail banking (5.0)9206.84
Attijariwafa bank europebanking for Moroccan and Tunisian community (2.2)707.69
Australia and New Zealand banking group limited (new)corporate and institutional bankingn/a
Axa banqueretail banking, insurancen/a13022.22
Axa banque financementretail banking, insurance (2.5)770.90
Banca Carige S.p.a - Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperiaretail bankingn/a
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA)retail and corporate banking (3.0)
Banco de Sabadellretail and corporate bankingn/a
Banco do Brasil AGcorporate banking (3.7)
Banco Santander SAcorporate banking (1.0)
Bank Audi Franceretail and corporate banking (4.3)797.98
Bank Melli Irantrade finance (4.0)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch international limitedinvestment bankingn/a
Bank of China limitedcorporate and investment banking (3.5)16054.46
BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. (new)corporate bankingn/a
Bank of Indiacorporate banking (2.6)
Bank of Montreal Ireland PLC (new)corporate and investment bankingn/a
Bank of Scotland plccorporate banking (4.0)
Bank Saderat Irantrade financen/a45.18
Bank Sepahtrade financen/a
Bank Tejaratretail banking (4.5)
Banque BCPretail banking (2.3)3859.14
Banque BIAretail and business banking (5.0)335.85
Banque cantonale de Genève (France) S.A.private and corporate bankingn/a753.27
Banque centrale de compensationsecurities clearing servicesn/a
Banque Chaabi du Marocbanking for Moroccan community (1.6)
Banque Chabrièresretail bankingn/a
Banque Chalusregional universal banking (3.0)741.17
Banque CIC Estregional universal banking (2.5)27034.93
Banque CIC Nord Ouestregional universal bankingn/a23604.00
Banque CIC Ouestregional universal bankingn/a22298.45
Banque CIC Sud Ouestregional universal banking (2.7)15967.37
Banque Courtois - successeurs de l'ancienne maison Courtois et Cie depuis 1760regional universal banking (2.7)
Banque d'escomptefinancial engineeringn/a
Banque de Francecentral banking (3.9)
Banque de Savoieregional retail banking (1.7)1716.36
Banque Degroof Petercam Franceprivate banking, asset managementn/a8255.36
Banque Delubac et Cieasset managementn/a796.90
Banque du bâtiment et des travaux publics - BTP banquepublic construction financing (5.0)1678.79
Banque du groupe Casinoretail bankingn/a1217.61
Banque Edel SNCretail banking (1.0)1849.92
Banque Européenne du Crédit Mutuelretail and corporate bankingn/a
Banque fédérative du crédit mutuelretail and corporate banking (4.1)188490.81
BANQUE FIDUCIALinsolvent companies financingn/a
Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indienregional universal banking (2.9)1889.64
Banque Hottinguerprivate banking, asset managementn/a
Banque internationale de commerce - BREDcorporate bankingn/a
Banque Kolbregional universal banking (3.7)2371.28
Banque Laydernierregional universal banking (4.1)3030.80
Banque Martin - Maurel (new)private banking, asset management (3.3)2450.28
Banque Michel Inchauspé - BAMIregional retail bankingn/a522.00
Banque Misrcapital markets services (3.3)1128.82
Banque Neuflize OBCretail banking, investment management (4.1)9979.43
Banque Nomura Francecorporate banking, investment managementn/a
Banque Nugerregional universal bankingn/a1114.79
Banque Palatineprivate and corporate bankingn/a15239.30
Banque Pouyanneretail and private bankingn/a
Banque PSA financevehicle financingn/a2690.05
Banque Revillonregional universal banking (2.0)
Banque Rhône-Alpes - Groupe Crédit du Nordregional universal bankingn/a4945.07
BANQUE RICHELIEU FRANCEasset managementn/a
Banque Saint-Olivewealth management (5.0)
Banque SBAtrade finance, asset management (5.0)784.72
Banque Solfeahousing energy financing (1.0)581.69
Banque Tarneaudregional universal banking (2.4)4215.43
Banque Transatlantique S.A.private banking, asset management (4.0)
Banque Travelex S.A.international paymentsn/a
Barclays Bank Irelandcorporate and investment bankingn/a
Bayerische landesbankcorporate bankingn/a
BEMO EUROPE - BANQUE PRIVEEwealth managementn/a
Berlin Hyp AG (new)real estate financing (5.0)
Bforbankdirect retail banking (2.0)2510.30
Binckbank NVonline brokeragen/a
Blom bank Franceuniversal banking (4.2)1895.19
BMCE Bank international plccorporate banking (1.6)
BNP Paribasuniversal bankingn/a2040836.00
BNP PARIBAS ANTILLES-GUYANEregional universal bankingn/a1883.52
BNP Paribas Lease Groupleasing solutionsn/a8366.30
BNP Paribas Personal Financeconsumer finance (2.7)35479.85
BNP Paribas Réunionregional universal banking (2.3)1413.45
BNP Paribas securities servicessecurities servicesn/a147612.33
Boursoramadirect retail bankingn/a14967.50
BPCEcooperative universal bankingn/a333633.00
BPEretail bankingn/a3622.02
Bpifrance Financementcorporate financing (4.0)56352.40
BRED Cofileaseleasing solutionsn/a
BRED Gestioncorporate payment transactionsn/a
Byblos bank Europecommercial banking (5.0)
CA Consumer Financeconsumer financen/a27381.07
CA INDOSUEZ WEALTH (FRANCE)wealth managementn/a1672.15
CACEIS Banksecurities services (4.7)79151.88
Caisse centrale du crédit immobilier de France-3CIFreal estate loansn/a16549.92
Caisse des dépôts et consignations - fonds d'épargnesocial housing financing (2.0)
Caisse des dépôts et consignations - section généralesocial housing financing (2.0)
Caisse française de développement industriel - C.F.D.I.industry financingn/a
Caixa geral de depositos S.A.universal bankingn/a
Caixabank (new)corporate banking (3.0)
Carrefour banqueretail bankingn/a4750.52
Chebanca! Spa - Micosretail bankingn/a
CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK (EUROPE) S.A (new)corporate banking (5.0)
CIC Iberbancoretail bankingn/a1262.31
CITIBANK EUROPE Plccorporate and investment banking (4.8)
CMP-Banquesocial loans (3.0)94.52
Cofidisconsumer and business loansn/a10132.65
Coinstar money transfer SASmoney transfer servicesn/a
Commerzbank agcorporate banking (4.3)
Compagnie générale de crédit aux particuliers - Crédiparvehicle financingn/a12086.77
Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuelcentral cooperative bankingn/a
Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.corporate bankingn/a
Créatisretail banking (5.0)2344.65
Crédit agricole corporate and investment bankcorporate and investment banking (3.9)
Crédit du Nordretail banking (1.5)
Crédit Foncier de Francemortgage loans (1.0)51844.28
Crédit foncier et communal d'Alsace et de Lorraine-Banquemortgage loans restructuring (2.6)3063.38
Crédit immobilier de France - Ouestreal estate loansn/a
Crédit immobilier de France Bretagnereal estate loans (1.0)
Crédit Immobilier de France Centre Estreal estate loans (3.7)
Crédit immobilier de France Centre Ouestreal estate loansn/a12880.68
Crédit Immobilier de France Développement (new)real estate loansn/a12880.68
Crédit immobilier de France Ile de Francereal estate loansn/a
Crédit immobilier de France Méditerranée (2ème du nom)real estate loansn/a
Crédit immobilier de France Nordreal estate loansn/a
Crédit immobilier de France Rhône Alpes Auvergnereal estate loans (1.4)
Crédit immobilier de France Sud Ouestreal estate loansn/a
Crédit industriel et commercial - CICretail and corporate banking (2.3)138.95
Crédit lyonnaisuniversal bankingn/a
Crédit suisse (Luxembourg) S.A.private banking and asset managementn/a
Deutsche bank AGcorporate and investment bankingn/a
Deutsche pfandbriefbank AGcommercial real estate financingn/a
Dexia crédit localmanaging residual assetsn/a
Edmond de Rothschild (France)private banking and asset management (4.0)3644.34
Euronext paris s.a.securities and derivativesn/a
Europe arab bank PLCcorporate and institutional banking (5.0)
FACTOFRANCEfactoring solutionsn/a6507.82
FCE bank plcvehicle financing for Ford brandsn/a
FEDERAL FINANCEprivate banking, asset managementn/a1199.22
FIRST ABU DHABI BANKcorporate banking (2.5)17452.70
FIVORYpayment servicesn/a
Francetel-Societe francaise de financement des telecommunicationspayment processing for Orangen/a
Fransabank France S.A.international trade finance (3.7)
Ge capital financements immobiliers d'entreprisereal estate financingn/a
GE Commercial distribution finance S.A.inventory financingn/a
Génébanquebanking servicesn/a968.41
Genecomibanking servicesn/a311.43
Genefimmobanking servicesn/a
GOLDMAN SACHS BANK EUROPE SE (new)investment bankingn/a
GRESHAM Banqueprivate banking, asset managementn/a131.33
Groupe Crédit Agricolecoordinating banking activitiesn/a
Habibsons bank Ltd (new)retail and corporate banking (4.0)
HOIST FINANCE AB (new)debt restructuringn/a
HSBC bank plcuniversal bankingn/a
HSBC Franceretail and business bankingn/a251230.00
Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AGreal estate financing (5.0)
Industrial and commercial bank of China (Europe) SA - ICBC (Europe) SAcorporate banking (3.4)
ING Bank NVretail bankingn/a
ING Direct NVdirect retail banking (2.5)
Intesa Sanpaolo Spacorporate bankingn/a
J.P. Morgan AG (new)investment bankingn/a
J.P. Morgan securities Plcinvestment bankingn/a
Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KGprivate banking, investment management (1.0)
JPMorgan Chase bank, National Associationinvestment bankingn/a4449.01
KBC bankcorporate bankingn/a
KEB Hana Bankcorporate banking (3.4)210.90
Komatsu financial Franceequipment financingn/a
Kutxabank SAretail and business bankingn/a
La Banque Postaleretail banking (2.6)
Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale (Helaba)corporate bankingn/a
Landesbank Saar (SAARLB)universal bankingn/a
Lazard Frères Banqueasset managementn/a1307.06
Lloyds bank plccorporate bankingn/a
Lombard Odier (Europe) S.A (new)private banking, asset managementn/a
Lyonnaise de banque "L.B."retail bankingn/a
Ma French Bank (new)retail bankingn/a
Mainfirst bank AGasset management, equity brokeragen/a
Mediobanca - Banca di Credito Finanziario S.p.a.corporate and investment bankingn/a
Mega international commercial bank Co, Ltdcorporate banking (2.0)
Melli bank PLC (new)corporate banking (4.0)
Mercedes-Benz bank AG (new)vehicle financing for Daimler brands (4.1)
Milleis Banqueretail bankingn/a2638.75
Mirabaud & Cie (Europe) SA (new)asset and wealth management (5.0)
Mizuho bank ltd Paris branchcorporate banking (4.0)
MMB SCF (new)covered bondsn/a528.44
Mobilis banqueretail bankingn/a
Monabanq.direct retail bankingn/a475.63
MoneyGram Francepayment servicesn/a
Monte Paschi banque S.A.retail and corporate bankingn/a1196.29
MUFG Bank, Ltdcorporate and investment banking (3.7)5515.43
My Money Bankconsumer credit (5.0)2804.52
My Partner Bankfinancial advising (5.0)1118.11
National bank of Pakistancorporate bankingn/a
Natixiscorporate and investment banking (4.1)
Natixis Asset Management Financeasset managementn/a2969.36
NATIXIS PAYMENT SOLUTIONSpayment solutions (3.9)
NATIXIS WEALTH MANAGEMENTwealth management (2.8)2535.21
NATWEST MARKETS NV (new)securities servicesn/a
NBK France SAcorporate banking (4.3)
Nord Financementfinancial advising (1.0)
Oddo BHF SCAinvestment banking, capital management (4.7)3563.85
ONEY BANKretail banking (2.3)
Opel Bankvehicle financing for Opel brands (1.4)1777.37
ORANGE BANKdirect retail banking (2.6)5295.53
ORWELL UNION PARTNERS LLP (new)investment managementn/a
Pictet & Cie (Europe) SAasset and wealth managementn/a
Prêts et servicesbanking servicesn/a
PSA BANQUE FRANCEvehicle financingn/a6732.12
Qatar national bankcorporate banking (4.8)6984.91
Quilvest banque privéeprivate bankingn/a147.34
RBC Europe limitedinvestment bankingn/a
RBC Investor services bank France SAasset servicing (3.0)1286.97
RCI Banquevehicle financing for Renault brandsn/a42474.57
Reunibailcar leasing solutionsn/a
Ria Francepayment services (5.0)31.93
Rothschild Martin Maurelwealth management, corporate banking (5.0)5652.37
S-Money (new)digital paymentsn/a
Santander Consumer Banque (new)retail banking (5.0)625.11
Saxo banque (France)investment and trading services (4.2)
SFIL (new)public development fundingn/a
Société anonyme de crédit à l'industrie française (C.A.L.I.F.)equipment loansn/a
Société de banque et d'expansion - S.B.E. (2ème du nom)retail banking, wealth management (3.7)
Société Financière de Paiementspayment servicesn/a
Société financière du porte-monnaie électronique interbancairee-walletsn/a
Société financière et mobilièrehousing financing (4.0)
Société généraleuniversal banking (2.6)1309428.00
Société générale de banque aux Antillesregional retail banking (3.0)437.26
Société marseillaise de créditregional universal banking (2.1)11113.34
Société pour le financement du développement industriel en Poitou-Charentes "Sofindi"regional SME lendingn/a
Socram banquecar loans (2.3)1471.00
Sofax banqueretail bankingn/a5448.36
Standard chartered bankcorporate and institutional banking (4.8)
Standard Chartered Bank AG (new)corporate and institutional banking (4.8)
State Street Bank International GmbH (new)investment bankingn/a
Sumitomo Mitsui banking corporation Europe limitedcorporate bankingn/a
Svenska handelsbanken AB (publ)retail banking, corporate bankingn/a
SwissLife banque privéeprivate banking, wealth management (5.0)1409.58
The bank of New York Mellon SA/NVinvestment bankingn/a
The Export-Import Bank of China (new)export and import financingn/a957.18
The Governor and company of the bank of Ireland (Bank of Ireland)corporate bankingn/a
Ticket surf international (new)digital paymentsn/a
Toyota kreditbank GmbH - Toyota France financementvehicle financing for Toyota brandsn/a
Toyota material handling commercial finance AB (new)equipment financingn/a
Transolver Finance S.a.vehicle financing (3.1)
Tunisian foreign banktrade finance (5.0)
UBS (France) S.A.corporate and investment bankingn/a3698.27
UBS Europe SE (new)wealth managementn/a
Unicredit bank AG (new)corporate and investment banking (3.0)
Unicredit Spacorporate and investment banking (3.0)
Union de banques arabes et françaises - U.B.A.F.international trade finance (5.0)1997.16
Union financière de France banquewealth managementn/a
Union financiere pour le developpement de l'economie cerealiere - unigrainsventure capital servicesn/a684.81
Unione di Banche Italiane S.p.a. (ubi Banca)retail banking (4.3)
Volkswagen bank GmbHvehicle financing for VW group brandsn/a
VTB Bank (France) S.A.private and corporate banking (3.3)1159.88
w-HA S.A. (new)digital paymentsn/a
Western union international bank GmbHbusiness payment solutionsn/a

Defunct Banks

NameBusiness FocusRatingTotal Assets (mln EUR)
Banco BPI (closed)universal bankingn/a
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spolka Akcyjna (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Banque Chaix (closed)regional universal banking (2.5)1785.40
Banque commerciale du marché nord Europe-BCMNE (closed)corporate banking (2.4)941.73
Banque de la Réunion (closed)retail banking (4.5)
Banque de réalisations de gestion et de financement - Régéfi (closed)banking services for L’Oreal groupn/a482.20
Banque de Saint-Pierre et Miquelon (closed)regional retail banking (2.0)
Banque des Antilles françaises "B.D.A.F." (closed)regional retail banking (1.5)
Banque Dupuy de Parseval (closed)regional universal bankingn/a1458.24
Banque Fiducial (closed)SME bankingn/a
Banque francaise (closed)banking servicesn/a
Banque française commerciale Antilles-Guyane - B.F.C. Antilles-Guyane (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Banque Leonardo (closed)private banking, asset managementn/a
Banque Marze (closed)private banking, wealth managementn/a
Banque monétaire et financière - B.M.F. (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banque nationale de Paris Intercontinentale (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Banque patrimoine et immobilier (B.P.I.) (closed)mortgage loansn/a
Banque populaire d'Alsace (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Batiroc normandie (closed)real estate leasingn/a
BNP Paribas dealing services (closed)securities dealing services (4.0)
BNP Paribas Guadeloupe (closed)regional universal banking (1.4)802.40
BNP Paribas Guyane (closed)regional universal banking (2.4)
BNP Paribas wealth management (closed)wealth managementn/a23225.08
Caisse régionale de crédit maritime mutuel d'outre mer (closed)maritime retail bankingn/a
CIT (France) S.A.S. (closed)SME banking (4.4)
Cofitem-cofimur (closed)real estate leasingn/a
Cogera Société Anonyme (closed)banking servicesn/a
Compagnie de banques internationales de paris (closed)retail banking for Senegalese communityn/a
Compagnie de gestion et de prêts - C.D.G.P. (closed)consumer creditn/a
Cortal Consors (closed)brokerage servicesn/a
Crédit commercial du Sud-Ouest (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Crédit du Maroc (closed)retail bankingn/a
Crédit suisse AG (closed)wealth managementn/a
DePfa bank plc (closed)mortgage covered bondsn/a
Dexia bail (closed)leasing solutionsn/a
Dexia CLF Banque (closed)retail bankingn/a138.77
EFG banque privée (closed)private banking, investment management (5.0)
Electro Banque (closed)treasury services for Alcatel groupn/a281.55
EXPANSO - La Société pour le développement régional (closed)regional development bankingn/a
Expay (closed)prepaid payment servicesn/a
Facet (closed)consumer financen/a
FBN bank (UK) Ltd (closed)retail and corporate bankingn/a
Fidem (closed)consumer financen/a
Fructibail (closed)leasing solutionsn/a
GCE COVERED BONDS (closed)covered bondsn/a1513.43
GE Capital bank limited (closed)consumer creditn/a
GE Corporate finance bank (closed)corporate financen/a
Genecal (closed)banking servicesn/a
Goldman Sachs Paris Inc et Cie (closed)investment banking (3.6)1187.38
Groupe Sofemo (closed)consumer creditn/a1048.87
Habib bank limited (closed)corporate banking (5.0)
HSBC Epargne entreprise (France) (closed)employee savings schemes (1.4)
IKB deutsche industriebank AG (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Ing lease france s.a. (closed)leasing solutionsn/a
ING real estate finance (France) (closed)real estate financingn/a
Isbank AG (closed)corporate banking (4.2)
Jyske bank A/S (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Key equipment finance nordic AB (closed)b2b financingn/a
La Française Bank (closed)wealth managementn/a
Laser cofinoga (closed)consumer creditn/a8847.29
Merrill Lynch capital markets (France) SAS (closed)capital markets servicesn/a
Merrill Lynch international bank limited (closed)investment bankingn/a
NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC. (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Natixis interépargne (closed)payment solutions (4.1)
Newedge group (closed)institutional brokeragen/a6622.91
Oseo industrie (closed)banking servicesn/a
Parifergie (closed)banking servicesn/a
PNB (Europe) Plc (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Rothschild et compagnie banque (closed)asset and wealth managementn/a1554.63
Scotiabank Europe plc (closed)corporate and investment banking (3.7)
Société guadeloupéenne de financement - Soguafi (closed)regional consumer creditn/a
SOFIRIF - Coopérative financière de la région Ile de France (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Sophia-Bail (closed)real estate financing (2.3)
Star Lease (closed)vehicle and equipment leasingn/a
State bank of India (closed)corporate banking (4.0)565.80
State street banque S.A. (closed)investment banking (4.5)
Sygma banque (closed)personal finance (2.3)3680.97
The royal bank of Scotland plc (closed)corporate banking (4.5)
UBS limited (closed)corporate and investment bankingn/a
Ucb-entreprises (closed)corporate lendingn/a