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List of Banks in Italy

Number of Banks in Italy

224 banks are currently operating
113 banks were recently closed

Banks in Italy are Focused on

cooperative retail banking
retail banking
regional universal banking

Considered Separately

438 cooperative banks, see Cooperative Banks in Italy

Bank Profiles Contain

business overview
customer ratings (if assigned)
key financial data (except for branches of foreign banks)
credit ratings (if assigned)
deposit guarantee
technical data (bank identifiers)
contact details

Operating Banks

NameBusiness FocusRatingTotal Assets (mln EUR)
Aareal Bank Agstructured property financingn/a
Abc International Bank Plccorporate banking, Shariah banking (5.0)
Aletti & C. Banca di Investimento Mobiliare S.p.a. private and investment bankingn/a14021.48
Allfunds Bank S.a.investment management (2.3)
Allianz Bank Financial Advisors S.p.a.asset management, investment banking (3.2)4561.72
Alpenbank A.g.private banking, asset managementn/a
Alto Adige Banca S.p.a.regional universal bankingn/a159.80
Artigiancassa S.p.a.retail banking for artisansn/a258.21
Attijariwafa Bank Europe Sede Secondaria Italianabanking for Moroccan and Tunisian communityn/a
Banca 5 S.p.a.retail banking (4.2)192.05
Banca Akros S.p.a.private and investment banking (2.2)2428.19
Banca Albertini Syz S.p.a. asset management, family officen/a267.71
Banca Cambiano 1884 S.p.a.retail and corporate banking (5.0)3365.58
Banca Capasso Antonio - S.p.a.regional universal banking (5.0)183.28
Banca Carige S.p.a. - Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia In Amministrazione Straordinariaretail banking (5.0)24136.92
Banca Cassa di Risparmio di Savigliano S.p.a.retail banking (4.0)1311.66
Banca Cesare Ponti S.p.a.private bankingn/a313.04
Banca Consulia S.p.a.financial advisory (4.3)462.81
Banca d'italiacentral banking (4.4)
Banca del Fucino - S.p.a.universal banking (3.5)
Banca del Mezzogiorno - Mediocredito Centrale Spa development banking (4.3)2608.50
Banca del Monte di Lucca S.p.a.retail bankingn/a817.18
Banca del Piemonte S.p.a.retail banking (3.8)2008.19
Banca del Sud S.p.a.universal bankingn/a119.67
Banca della Nuova Terra S.p.a.agricultural financingn/a
Banca della Provincia di Macerata S.p.a. regional universal bankingn/a
Banca di Credito Peloritano S.p.a.retail and corporate bankingn/a
Banca di Imola S.p.a.regional cooperative banking (3.7)1961.25
Banca di Romagna Spauniversal bankingn/a
Banca di Sassari S.p.a.universal bankingn/a854.01
Banca di Sconto e Conti Correnti di Santa Maria Capua Vetere- S.p.a.regional universal banking (4.7)89.03
Banca Euromobiliare S.p.a.asset managementn/a968.37
Banca Farmafactoring Spa (new)credit management for pharma industry (3.3)
Banca Finanziaria Internazionale S.p.a. In Breve Banca Finint S.p.a.corporate and investment bankingn/a431.57
Banca Finnat Euramerica S.p.a. private banking (5.0)1784.88
Banca Galileo S.p.a.retail and private banking (5.0)364.33
Banca Generali - SpA retail bankingn/a8843.15
Banca Ifigest - S.p.a.private banking (3.0)469.33
Banca Ifis S.p.a. SME financing (4.5)
Banca Imi S.p.a. investment banking (5.0)148384.47
Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SpAprivate banking, wealth managementn/a1541.55
Gruppo Banca Leonardo Spaprivate banking, asset managementn/a881.98
Banca Mediocredito del Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.a.retail banking (2.2)1271.02
Banca Mediolanum S.p.a.retail banking (4.6)20688.60
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena S.p.a.universal banking (3.8)129460.34
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro S.p.a. universal banking (3.0)77799.02
Banca Nuova Spauniversal banking (1.0)4127.32
Banca Passadore & C. S.p.a.universal banking (5.0)2851.56
Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. S.p.a. asset management (5.0)1494.08
Banca Piccolo Credito Valtellinese, SpAregional universal banking (4.7)22320.55
Banca Popolare dell'alto Adige SpA regional universal bankingn/a9518.72
Banca Popolare di Vicenza Spa In Liquidazione Coatta Amministrativaregional universal bankingn/a
Banca Privata Leasing S.p.a.leasing solutions (4.2)
Banca Profilo S.p.a. asset management (5.0)1499.41
Banca Progetto S.p.a.consumer credit (4.3)787.17
Banca Promos S.p.a.securities trading (3.5)67.12
Banca Psa Italia S.p.a. (new)vehicle financing (2.7)
Banca Reale S.p.a.universal banking (5.0)774.92
Banca Regionale di Sviluppo S.p.a. In Forma Abbreviata 'brs S.p.a.'regional universal bankingn/a363.65
Banca Santa Giulia S.p.a.retail banking (5.0)296.05
Banca Sella - S.p.a.retail banking (3.0)11699.08
Banca Sella Holding S.p.a.corporate banking (4.9)5203.70
Banca Simetica S.p.a.asset managementn/a62.52
Banca Sistema S.p.a.factoring solutions (3.0)2308.64
Banca Stabiese - S.p.a.retail banking (3.5)197.24
Banca Sviluppo Tuscia S.p.a. (new)regional universal banking (2.3)
Banca Transilvania S.a. (new)universal banking (3.9)
Banca Ubae S.p.a.corporate banking (4.7)2844.83
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.a. (bbva)corporate and investment banking (4.5)
Banco Bpm SpA (new)retail banking (2.6)133174.98
Banco delle Tre Venezie S.p.a. regional universal banking (3.8)740.68
Banco di Credito P.azzoaglio - S.p.a.regional universal banking (5.0)839.85
Banco di Desio e della Brianza - SpAregional universal bankingn/a10456.28
Banco di Lucca e del Tirreno S.p.a. regional universal banking (4.0)392.86
Banco di Sardegna S.p.a.regional universal banking (4.0)12653.51
Banco Do Brasil Ag (new)corporate banking (2.3)
Banco Santander S.a.consumer finance (5.0)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International DAC (new)investment banking (2.7)
Bank of China Limited - Filiale di Milano O In Forma Abbreviata Bank of China - Filiale di Milanocorporate and investment banking (2.0)
Bank of Communications (luxembourg) S.a. (new)corporate banking (5.0)
Bank of Scotland Plccorporate bankingn/a
Bank Sepahtrade finance (3.7)
Banque Chaabi Du Maroc - In Abbreviato, B.c.d.m.banking for Moroccan community (2.2)
Banque Populaire Mediterraneeregional cooperative banking (2.0)
Barclays Bank Ireland Plc (new)corporate and investment bankingn/a
Bayerische Landesbankcorporate bankingn/a
Bhw Bausparkasse Agreal estate financingn/a
Binckbank N.v.online brokerage (4.0)
Bmw Bank Gmbh (new)vehicle financing for BMW brandsn/a
Bnp Paribasretail and corporate banking (1.4)
Bnp Paribas Lease Groupleasing solutionsn/a
Bnp Paribas Securities Servicessecurities servicesn/a
Bpce Lease S.a.leasing solutionsn/a
Bper Banca S.p.a.universal banking (4.0)59885.15
Bsi Europe S.a.wealth management (5.0)
Ca Indosuez Wealth (europe) (new)wealth managementn/a
Caceis Bank (new)securities services (5.0)
Carrefour Banqueretail banking (1.5)
Cassa Centrale Raiffeisen dell'alto Adige - Raiffeisen-landesbank Suedtirol A.g.central cooperative banking (4.9)
Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA In Forma Abbreviata Cdp S.p.a.development bankingn/a367253.39
Cassa di Risparmio del Friuli Venezia Giulia S.p.a. retail banking (4.2)4849.28
Cassa di Risparmio di Asti S.p.a. retail banking (2.3)8860.80
Cassa di Risparmio di Biella e Vercelli - Biverbanca Sparetail bankingn/a3511.60
Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano S.p.a. - Sudtiroler Sparkasse Agretail banking (5.0)8912.75
Cassa di Risparmio di Bra S.p.a.retail bankingn/a1271.49
Cassa di Risparmio di Cento S.p.a.retail banking (3.3)2757.76
Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo S.p.a. retail banking (5.0)1689.26
Cassa di Risparmio di Fossano S.p.a.retail bankingn/a1987.41
Cassa di Risparmio di Orvieto S.p.a.retail banking (4.0)1418.68
Cassa di Risparmio di Saluzzo S.p.a.retail banking (4.0)1076.84
Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.a.retail banking (5.0)2129.77
Cassa di Sovvenzioni e Risparmio Fra Il Personale della Banca d'italia - SCpAretail bankingn/a5216.05
Cassa Lombarda - S.p.a.private banking, wealth managementn/a997.85
Chebanca! S.p.a.retail banking (2.4)19286.05
China Construction Bank (europe) Sa (new)corporate bankingn/a
Citibank Europe Plc (new)corporate and investment banking (2.5)
Citibank N.a.corporate and investment banking (4.0)
Claas Financial Servicesequipment financingn/a
Cnh Capital Europeagricultural and construction equipment financingn/a
Cnh Industrial Financial Services S.a. (new)agricultural and construction equipment financingn/a
Commerzbank Agcorporate and investment bankingn/a
Compass Banca Spa (new)consumer credit (2.2)
Cooperatieve Rabobank U.a.corporate banking (2.7)
Credit Agricole Carispezia S.p.a.regional universal banking (2.8)4477.69
Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bankcorporate and investment bankingn/a
Credit Agricole Friuladria S.p.a.universal banking (4.5)10250.61
CrÉdit Agricole Italia S.p.a.universal bankingn/a48137.20
Credit Suisse (italy) S.p.a.wealth management (4.3)
Credit Suisse Aginvestment banking (4.3)
Credit Suisse International (new)investment banking (4.3)
Credito Emiliano S.p.a.retail banking (3.4)33190.31
Credito Fondiario S.p.a.mortgage lending (5.0)627.92
Credito Lombardo Veneto S.p.a.regional universal banking (4.5)
De Lage Landen International B.v. (dll)corporate financingn/a
Depobank - Banca Depositaria Italiana S.p.a.securities services (3.0)
Deutsche Bank Aguniversal bankingn/a
Deutsche Bank Mutui S.p.a.housing financing (3.5)1005.14
Deutsche Bank S.p.a.universal banking (3.5)23876.61
Dexia Crediop S.p.a.infrastructure financingn/a20528.31
Edmond de Rothschild (france) (new)private banking and asset management (4.0)
Europe Arab Bank Plc - Milan Branchcorporate and institutional bankingn/a
Exane Derivatives (new)investment managementn/a
Extrabanca S.p.a.retail banking for expats (2.4)172.15
Farbanca S.p.a.retail banking for healthcare (3.0)633.88
Fca Bank Spa (new)vehicle financing for Fiat and Chrysler brandsn/a
Fce Bank Plcvehicle financing for Ford brandsn/a
Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking S.p.a.private banking, asset management (2.3)32452.04
Finanza e Futuro Banca SpA asset managementn/a170.06
Findomestic Banca Spaconsumer creditn/a
Finecobank Banca Fineco S.p.a. online brokerage (5.0)22242.88
Gbm Banca S.p.a.retail bankingn/a153.45
Goldman Sachs Bank Europe Se (new)investment bankingn/a
Grenke Bank Ag (new)leasing and factoring (4.1)
Guber Banca S.p.a. (new)debt management (4.1)
Hsbc France (new)retail and business banking (3.3)
Hypo Alpe-adria-bank S.p.a.universal banking (3.5)637.20
Hypo Tirol Bank Italia S.p.a.regional universal bankingn/a
Ibl Istituto Bancario del Lavoro S.p.a. consumer credit (5.0)
Iccrea Bancaimpresa S.p.a.corporate bankingn/a
Igea Banca S.p.a.retail bankingn/a
Illimity Bank S.p.a.direct retail and SME banking (4.2)1074.41
Imprebanca S.p.a.retail bankingn/a194.84
Industrial And Commercial Bank of China (europe) S.a. In Forma Abbreviata Icbc (europe) S.a.corporate banking (4.4)
Ing Bank N.v.retail banking (4.0)
Ing Direct Nvdirect retail banking (3.6)
Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking S.p.a.private banking, asset managementn/a18601.13
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.a.universal banking (1.8)506923.00
Invest Banca SpAprivate and investment banking (5.0)1043.51
Istituto Per Il Credito Sportivo - Ente di Diritto Pubblicopublic sector finance (5.0)
Istituto Per Lo Sviluppo Economico dell'italia Meridionale -(i.sv.e.i.mer.) - S.p.a.regional SME bankingn/a
Iw Bank S.p.a.retail banking, securities trading (2.4)3170.08
J.p. Morgan Ag (new)investment bankingn/a
J.p. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.a. (new)investment bankingn/a
J.p. Morgan Securities Plcinvestment bankingn/a
Jcb Financeequipment financingn/a
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, National Associationinvestment bankingn/a
Kbc Bank N.v. Italia (new)corporate bankingn/a
La Cassa di Ravenna S.p.a.retail banking (4.2)5606.38
Lombard Odier (europe) S.a. (new)private banking, asset managementn/a
Mainfirst Bank AGasset management, equity brokeragen/a
Mediobanca - Banca di Credito Finanziario S.p.a.private banking, asset managementn/a57894.74
Mediocredito Italiano S.p.a.SME fundingn/a45269.59
Mediocredito Trentino-alto Adige - S.p.a. regional SME funding (3.8)1530.74
Mizuho Corporate Bank Limitedcorporate banking (5.0)
Monte dei Paschi di Siena Leasing & Factoring, Banca Per I Servizi Finanziari Alle Imprese S.p.a.leasing and factoringn/a
Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited - Milan Branchwealth management, investment bankingn/a
Mps Capital Services Banca Per Le Imprese Spa corporate and investment bankingn/a
Mufg Bank, Ltdcorporate and investment banking (5.0)
N26 Bank Gmbh (new)direct retail bankingn/a
National Westminster Bank Plc. (new)corporate bankingn/a
Natixis S.a.corporate and investment bankingn/a
Natwest Markets N.v. (new)securities servicesn/a
Nomura Bank International Plc Italian Branchcorporate and investment bankingn/a
Nova Ljubljanska Banka D.d., Ljubljana corporate bankingn/a
Nuova Cassa di Risparmio di Ferrara Spa (new)retail banking (3.0)
Opel Bank Sa, Succ. Ital. (new)vehicle financing for Opel brandsn/a
Pictet & Cie (europe) S.a.asset and wealth managementn/a
Prader Bank S.p.a. family office (3.0)
Rbc Investor Services Bank S.a.asset servicingn/a
Rci Banque S.a.vehicle financing for Renault brandsn/a
Santander Consumer Bank S.p.a.retail banking (2.4)
Saxo Bank A/sinvestment and trading services (4.0)
Serfina Banca Sparetail bankingn/a
Smbc Bank Eu Ag (new)corporate bankingn/a
Societe Generale Mutui Italia S.p.a. housing financing (4.0)
Societe Generalecorporate and investment bankingn/a
Societe' Generale Securities Services S.p.a. securities servicesn/a4965.11
Solution Bank S.p.a.regional universal bankingn/a
State Street Bank International Gmbh Succursale Italia (new)investment banking (4.5)
The Bank of New York Mellon Sa/nv (new)investment bankingn/a
Toyota Material Handling Commercial Finance Ab (new)equipment financingn/a
Ubs Europe Se (new)wealth management (5.0)
Unicredit Bank Aguniversal banking (2.0)
Unicredit Spauniversal banking (1.0)404975.55
Union Bancaire Privee (europe) S.a.private banking and asset managementn/a
Unione di Banche Italiane SpA retail banking (4.0)122013.60
Unipol Bancaretail banking (4.0)13955.54
Veneto Banca S.p.a. In Liquidazione Coatta Amministrativauniversal bankingn/a
Vivibanca S.p.a.consumer lending (3.6)233.43
Volkswagen Bank Gmbh.vehicle financing for VW group brandsn/a
Webank S.p.a.direct retail banking (2.5)
Western Union International Bank Gmbh (new)business payment solutionsn/a
Wise Dialog Bank S.p.a. (new)direct retail banking (3.6)
Younited (new)consumer financen/a

Defunct Banks

NameBusiness FocusRatingTotal Assets (mln EUR)
Akf Bank Gmbh & Co Kg (closed)SME financingn/a
As "privatbank" - Filiale In Italia (closed)retail and corporate banking (3.2)
Banca Adriatica S.p.a. (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Banca Antonveneta S.p.a. (closed)universal bankingn/a
Banca Apulia SpA (closed)retail bankingn/a3554.15
Banca Carige Italia Spa (closed)retail banking (3.7)
Banca Carim - Cassa di Risparmio di Rimini S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (4.0)3078.70
Banca Carime S.p.a. (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca Caripe Spa (closed)regional universal banking (2.0)
Banca del Lavoro e del Piccolo Risparmio Spa (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Banca dell'adriatico S.p.a. (closed)regional cooperative bankingn/a
Banca della Campania Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca delle Marche Spa (closed)universal banking (4.0)
Banca di Credito Sardo S.p.a. (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca di Legnano Spa (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Banca di Trento e Bolzano Spa (closed)regional universal banking (4.0)
Banca di Treviso Spa (closed)consumer lendingn/a
Banca di Valle Camonica - S.p.a. (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Banca Emilveneta S.p.a. (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Banca Esperia S.p.a. (closed)wealth managementn/a
Banca Farnese Spa (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Banca Federico del Vecchio - S.p.a. (closed)regional universal banking (4.0)
Banca Impresa Lazio Spa (closed)bank guaranteesn/a
Banca Interregionale Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca Italease (closed)leasing and factoringn/a
Banca Italo Romena Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca Monte Parma Spa (closed)retail banking (1.8)
Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca Popolare del Mezzogiorno - Societa Per Azioni (closed)retail banking (3.0)
Banca Popolare di Ancona SpA (closed)retail banking (2.0)
Banca Popolare di Aprilia Spa (closed)retail banking (5.0)
Banca Popolare di Bergamo S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (3.1)
Banca Popolare di Lanciano e Sulmona Spa (closed)retail banking (3.2)
Banca Popolare di Marostica Scparl (closed)retail banking (2.8)
Banca Popolare di Milano Scrl (closed)retail banking (2.6)
Banca Popolare di Milano SpA (closed)retail banking (2.8)44887.76
Banca Popolare di Ravenna Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Banca Popolare di Spoleto S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (3.5)4149.58
Banca Prossima S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (4.0)4063.11
Banca Regionale Europea Spa (closed)retail banking (4.0)
Banca Sai Spa (closed)retail banking (5.0)
Banca Sviluppo Economico S.p.a. In Forma Abbreviata Base S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (3.0)
Banca Teatina S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (3.1)
Banca Tirrenica S.p.a. (closed)universal banking (3.1)
Banco Desio Lazio Spa (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Banco di Brescia San Paolo Cab SpA (closed)regional universal banking (3.3)
Banco di Napoli S.p.a. (closed)regional universal bankingn/a30483.68
Banco Do Brasil Sa (closed)corporate banking (2.3)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited - Bamli (closed)investment banking (2.7)
Bank of America National Association Ltd (closed)investment banking (2.7)
Bank of The Philippine Islands (europe) Plc (closed)retail banking (5.0)
Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Europe (closed)private banking and asset management (1.0)
Banque Psa Finance Sa (closed)vehicle financing (2.7)
Barclays Bank Plc (closed)corporate and investment banking (2.0)
Caceis Bank Luxembourg Sa, Milan Branch (closed)securities services (5.0)
Carifano S.p.a. (closed)regional retail bankingn/a
Carilo - Cassa di Risparmio di Loreto S.p.a. (closed)retail bankingn/a
Carispaq Spa (closed)regional retail banking (1.0)
Cassa dei Risparmi di Forli' e della Romagna S.p.a. (closed)retail bankingn/a5236.28
Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (2.8)16384.93
Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (5.0)3511.80
Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze SpA (closed)retail bankingn/a12549.99
Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia (closed)retail banking (3.0)3164.51
Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato S.p.a. Oppure Carismi S.p.a. (closed)retail bankingn/a2800.78
Cassa di Risparmio In Bologna S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (2.3)9905.78
Casse di Risparmio dell'umbria S.p.a. (closed)retail banking (1.5)
Caterpillar Financial Corporation Financiera Sociedad Anonima Establecimiento Financiero de Credito (closed)vehicle financing for CATsn/a
Centrobanca Banca di Credito Finanziario e Mobiliare Spa (closed)SME lendingn/a
Citibank International Limited (closed)corporate and investment banking (4.0)
Cnh Financial Services Sas (closed)agricultural and construction equipment financingn/a
CR della Provincia di Chieti Spa (closed)retail banking (3.0)
CR della Provincia di Teramo Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
CR della Provincia di Viterbo Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
CR di Ascoli Piceno Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
CR di Carrara Spa (closed)retail banking (4.0)
CR di Civitavecchia Spa (closed)retail banking (1.0)
CR di Fabriano e Cupramontana Spa (closed)retail banking (4.0)
CR di Ferrara Spa (closed)retail banking (3.0)
CR di Rieti Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
CR di Savona Spa (closed)retail banking (2.4)
CR di Venezia Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Credito Bergamasco Spa (closed)regional universal banking (4.0)
Credito Siciliano S.p.a. (closed)regional universal banking (2.0)3353.75
Depfa Bank Plc (closed)asset covered securitiesn/a
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ag (closed)commercial real estate financingn/a
Dobank Spa (closed)loan managementn/a
Eticredito Banca Etica Adriatica Spa (closed)retail bankingn/a
Hewlett-packard International Bank Plc (closed)financing for HP customersn/a
Hsbc Bank Plc (closed)corporate and investment banking (3.3)
Hypothekenbank Frankfurt Ag (closed)real estate financingn/a
Ikb Deutsche Industriebank AG (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Ing Real Estate Finance S.e.,e.f.c.,s.a. (closed)real estate financingn/a
Interbanca S.p.a. (closed)corporate finance (3.0)
Iw Bank Spa (closed)retail banking, securities trading (2.4)
J.p. Morgan International Bank Limited (closed)investment bankingn/a
La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild Banque (closed)private banking and asset management (1.0)
Lehman Brothers Bankhaus Ag (closed)investment bankingn/a
Mediocreval Spa (closed)regional universal banking (4.7)
Merrill Lynch International Dac Bank - Milan Branch (closed)investment banking (2.7)
Mps Gestione Crediti Banca Spa (closed)banking servicesn/a
Nordest Banca Spa (closed)regional universal bankingn/a
Portigon Ag (closed)investment bankingn/a
Santander Private Banking S.p.a. (closed)private bankingn/a
Sedicibanca Spa (closed)agricultural bankingn/a
Standard Chartered Bank (closed)corporate and institutional bankingn/a
State Street Bank S.p.a. (closed)investment banking (4.7)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Bank of New York (lux.) Sa, Italian Br. (closed)investment bankingn/a
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (closed)corporate bankingn/a
Toyota Kreditbank Gmbh (closed)vehicle financing for Toyota brandsn/a
Ubs (italia) Spa (closed)wealth management (5.0)
Ubs Limited (closed)investment bankingn/a
Unipol Merchant Banca Per Le Imprese Spa (closed)merchant banking (4.0)