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List of Banks in Spain

The list of banks operating and recently closed in Spain is shown below, the list also includes credit ratings set by Fitch and Moody's. For each bank contact details, bank identifiers, bank category, credit ratings (if assigned), deposit guarantee, key financial data (except for Caja Rural) are available.

The following categories of institutions are not included in this list and considered separately:

Credit Rating

Operating Status

Operating (including new)

Bank Category

Branches of foreign banks
Central banks

Result: 189 banks found

NameTotal Assets (mln EUR)FitchMoody's
A&G Banca Privada, S.A. (new)424.02
ABN AMRO BANK NV. S.E (closed)0.64
AKF Bank Gmbh & Co Kg, S.E.101.60
Abanca Corporación Bancaria, S.A. BB+Ba3
Adyen BV, S.E (new)0.00
Allfunds Bank, S.A1364.40
Andbank España, S.A.1044.87
Aresbank, S.A.1267.98
Attijariwafa Bank Europe, S.E9.55
BBVA Banco de Financiación, S.A. (closed)77.55
BMCE Bank International, S.A.655.75
BMW Bank GMBH, SE1996.26
BNP Paribas España, S.A.693.83
BNP Paribas Factor, S.A., S.E.265.09
BNP Paribas Fortis, SA, N.V., Sucursal en España1084.51
BNP Paribas Lease Group, S.A., S.E.469.55
BNP Paribas Securities Services, S.E.4307.83
BNP Paribas, S.E.11430.34
Banca Farmafactoring, Spa Suc En España (new)581.55
Banca March, S.A.12504.02 A3
Banca Popolare Etica Sociedad Cooperativa Per Aziones, S.e. (new)112.13
Banca Pueyo, S.A.1563.11
Banco Alcalá, S.A.261.17
Banco Banif, S.A. (closed)5907.04
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.400082.91 A-A3
Banco Bpi, S.A., S.E. (closed)322.98
Banco Caixa Geral, S.A.5209.65
Banco Caminos, S.A.2530.05
Banco Cetelem, S.A.4997.08
Banco Cooperativo Español, S.A.7306.09 BBBBaa3
Banco Depositario BBVA, S.A. (closed)4253.71
Banco Español de Crédito, S.A. (closed)107330.57 BBB+
Banco Etcheverría, S.A. (closed)1844.17
Banco Europeo de Finanzas, S.A.95.35
Banco Financiero y de Ahorros, S.A. (closed) BB+
Banco Finantia Spain, S.A.557.94
Banco Gallego, S.A. (closed)3129.89
Banco Grupo Cajatres, S.A. (closed) WD
Banco Industrial de Bilbao, S.A.63.39
Banco Inversis, S.A.1984.77
Banco Mais, S.A., (Espanha) S.E. (closed)0.00
Banco Mare Nostrum, S.A. (closed) BB
Banco Mediolanum, S.A.1735.95
Banco Occidental, S.A.18.20
Banco Pastor, S.A (closed)10242.14
Banco Pichincha España, S.A.561.84
Banco Popular Espanol (closed)113136.72 A-A2
Banco Portugués de Investimento, S.A., S.E. (closed)4.22
Banco Primus, S.A., S.E.157.99
Banco Santander, S.A.492414.39 A-A2
Banco de Albacete, S.A.14.01
Banco de Caja España de Inversiones, Salamanca y Soria, SA (closed)
Banco de Castilla la Mancha, S.A.20.89 BB
Banco de Crédito Social Cooperativo, S.A. (new)18630.06 BB-
Banco de Depósitos, S.A.110.41
Banco de España
Banco de Madrid, S.A. (closed)386.61
Banco de Promoción de Negocios, S.A. (Promobanc) (closed)18.91
Banco de Sabadell, S.A.177642.75 BB+Baa2
Banco de Valencia, S.A.21805.29 BBB
Banco de la Nación Argentina, S.E.56.27
Banco do Brasil, AG., S.E161.74
Bancofar, S.A.1109.34
Bancoval Securities Services, S.A. (closed)761.27
Bank Degroof Petercam Spain, S.A.116.62
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited, Sucursal en España294.73
Bank of Scotland, S.E. (closed)0.00
Bankia Banca Privada, S.A. (closed)1125.22
Bankia, S.A. BBB-Baa2
Bankinter, S.A.71103.67 Baa1
Bankoa, S.A.2065.77 Baa2
Banque Chaabi Du Maroc, S.E.10.35
Banque PSA Finance, S.E. (closed)0.00
Barclays Bank Ireland Plc, S.E.725.97
Barclays Bank, S.A. (closed)19816.15
Bigbank AS Consumer Finance S.E.20.45
Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa,Aurrezki Kutxa eta Bahitetxea (closed)
Binckbank NV, S.E.0.41
C.A.M.P. Círculo Católico Obreros Burgos (closed)
CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe), S.E.588.74
CM-CIC Bail, S.E. (new)131.21
CNH Capital Europe, S.A.S., S.E.186.67
CNH Industrial Financial Services, S.E.22.36
Caisse Régionale Crédit Agricole Mutuel Sud Med, S.E.238.70
Caixa Banco de Investimento, S.A., S.E.40.78
Caixa Card 1 Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito, S.A.
Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A., S.E.642.64
CaixaBank, S.A.308398.56 BBBBaa1
Cajamar Caja Rural, S.C.C. BB-
Cecabank, S.A. BBB-Baa2
China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A., S.E (new)160.79
Citibank España, S.A. (closed)409.67
Citibank Europe PLC, S.E.1710.53
Citibank, N.A., S.E. (closed)28.55
Claas Financial Services, S.A.S., S.E.50.11
Cofidis, S.A., S.E.1237.41
Commerzbank AG, S.E.334.04
Confederación Española de Cajas de Ahorros (closed)
Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A. S.E.560.18
Cortal Consors, S.E. (closed)41.86
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank , S.E.4243.03
Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, S.E.515.01
Credit Suisse International,S.E.3.61
Crédit Suisse AG, S.E.1730.24
De Lage Landen International BV, S.E.752.28
Dell Bank International DAC, S.E. (new)87.42
Deutsche Bank AG, S.E.69.55
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, S.E. (closed)31.96
Deutsche Bank, S.A.E.16610.92
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ag, S.E550.86
Dexia Credit Local, S.E.4943.94
EBN Banco de Negocios, S.A.500.52
EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A., S.E. (closed)128.89
Edmond de Rothschild (Europe), S.E.7.52
Elavon Financial Services Limited DAC, S.E.2.78
Europe Arab Bank Plc, S.E. (closed)12.23
Evo Banco S.A. (new)5005.56
Fce Bank plc S.E.1223.13
Genefim, S.E.251.01
General Electric Capital Bank, S.A. (closed)524.90
Goldman Sachs Bank Europe, SE (new)
HSBC France, S.E.3147.82
Haitong Bank, S.A., S.E.90.52
Honda Bank GMBH, S.E.215.76
Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AG, S.E. (closed)0.00
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG, S.E. (closed)234.48
ING Bank, NV S.E36694.35
ING Belgium, SA, S.E. (closed)1106.24
Ibercaja Banco, S.A. BB+Ba3
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe),S.A.,S.E.767.34
Instituto de Crédito Oficial BBB+
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.a., S.e.1313.80
J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A., S.E.14.52
J.P. Morgan Securities Plc, S.E.23.22
JCB Finance, S.A.S., S.E. (closed)0.00
JP Morgan AG, S.E. (new)
John Deere Bank, S.A., S.E0.62
Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association, S.E.998.24
KBL European Private Bankers S.A.,S.E.7.36
Kutxabank, S.A. BBBBaa2
Liberbank, S.A. BBB1
Lloyds Bank Plc, S.E (closed)0.00
Lombard Odier (Europe), S.A., S.E. (new)54.73
M.P. y Caja General de Ahorros de Badajoz (closed)
MCE Bank GMBH, S.E. (closed)0.08
MUFG Bank (Europe) NV, S.E.3391.37
Mediobanca, S.e.59.74
Mercedes-Benz Bank AG, S.E.383.39
Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited, S.E.1.02
Mirabaud & CIE (Europe), S.A., S.E. (new)57.70
Mizuho Bank Europe NV, S.E. (new)0.02
N26 Bank GmbH (new)
National Westminster Bank PLC, S.E. (new)2.20
Natixis Lease, S.A., S.E.286.87
Natixis, S.A., S.E.1503.18
Natwest Markets NV, S.E (new)
Novo Banco, S.A., S.E.2504.08
Nuevo Micro Bank, S.A1423.12
Opel Bank GmbH, S.E. (new)
Open Bank, S.A.7337.18
Orey Financial-Instituiçao Financeira de Credito, S.A., S.E.0.53
Pictet & Cie (Europe), S.A., S.E.69.32
Popular Banca Privada, S.A. (closed)1002.61
Portigon AG, S.E.1.68
RCI Banque, S.A., S.E.3972.65
RENTA 4 Banco, S.A.1188.78
Sabadell Consumer Finance, S.A. (new)1095.56
Sabadell Solbank, S.A. (closed)1645.70
Santander Consumer Finance, S.A.36000.59 A-A2
Santander Investment, S.A.2586.98
Santander Securities Services,S.A.7697.93
Saxo Bank A/S, S.E. (closed)1.30
Self Trade Bank, S.A.529.36
Société Genérale, S.E.6680.03
Sofinloc Instituiçao Financeira de Crédito, S.A., S.E. (closed)7.88
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Ltd., S.E. (new)1.57
Targobank, S.A.2578.93
The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, S.E. (closed)22.22
Toyota Kreditbank GMBH, S.E.1415.58
Triodos Bank, NV, S.E.2050.92
UBS Europe, S.E.1940.65
Unicaja Banco, S.A. BBB-Baa3
Unicredit. S.p.a. S.e (new)3.28
Unione di Banche Italiane, S.p.a.,s.e. (closed)119.68
Unoe Bank, S.A. (closed)1472.85
Volkswagen Bank GmbH, S.E.870.10
Wizink Bank, S.A.5253.19
Younited, S.E. (new)2.21