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List of Banks in the United Kingdom

There are currently 344 banks operating in the United Kingdom, 54 banks were recently closed. The list of banks operating and recently closed in the United Kingdom is shown below, the list also includes credit ratings set by Fitch and Moody's. For each bank contact details, bank identifiers, bank category, credit ratings (if assigned), deposit guarantee, key financial data (except for branches of foreign banks) are available.

The following categories of institutions are not included in this list and considered separately:

NameRatingFitchMoody'sTotal Assets
Abbey National Treasury Services plcn/aAAa380089.00 mln GBP
ABN AMRO Bank NV (5.0)
ABSA Bank Limitedn/a
Adam & Company plc (5.0)2232.37 mln GBP
ADIB (UK) Ltd (4.9)156.88 mln GBP
Agricultural Bank of China Limited London Branch (new) (3.7)
Ahli United Bank (UK) Plc (4.2)BBB+2785.25 mln USD
AIB Group (UK) Plc (4.0)BBB-11835.00 mln GBP
Al Rayan Bank Plc (3.2)1806.31 mln GBP
Aldermore Bank Plc (1.0)8396.50 mln GBP
Allfunds Bank SA (5.0)
Alliance Trust Savings Ltd (1.0)51.17 mln GBP
Allied Irish Banks plcn/a
Alpha Bank A.E. (5.0)
Alpha Bank London Limited (5.0)814.13 mln GBP
ANZ Bank (Europe) Limitedn/a249.18 mln GBP
Arab Banking Corporation (B.S.C) (4.6)
Arab National Bank (4.0)
Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited (3.7)1783.68 mln GBP
AS LHV Pank (new)n/a
Atom Bank Plc (new) (2.5)648.97 mln GBP
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltdn/a
Axis Bank UK Limited (new)n/a823.22 mln USD
Banca Imi Spa (2.9)
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena Spa (2.8)
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA (4.0)A3
Banco Bradesco Europa S.A. (new)n/a
Banco de Sabadell (1.8)Baa2
Banco do Brasil SA (1.8)
Banco Espirito Santo SAn/a
Banco Popolare S.c.n/a
Banco Santander Totta SA (2.1)
Banco Santander, S.A. (3.9)(P)A2
Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd (2.6)
Bank and Clients Plc (1.0)127.44 mln GBP
Bank J Safra Sarasin (Gibraltar) Limited (5.0)
Bank Leumi (UK) plc (4.7)1558.58 mln GBP
Bank Mandiri (Europe) Limited (4.2)156.74 mln USD
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International DACn/aA
Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limitedn/aA34826.00 mln USD
Bank of America N.A.n/a(P)Aa3
Bank of Baroda (3.9)
Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd (5.0)520.77 mln GBP
Bank of Ceylon (UK) Ltd (5.0)99.32 mln GBP
Bank of China (UK) Ltd (2.9)(P)A11539.22 mln GBP
Bank of China Limited (2.9)
Bank of Communications (UK) Ltdn/a106.74 mln USD
Bank of Communications Co Ltd (new)n/a
Bank of Cyprus UK Ltdn/a1877.12 mln GBP
Bank of East Asia Ltd (4.0)
Bank of India (2.6)
Bank of Ireland (UK) Plc (3.5)BBBBaa2
Bank of London and Middle East plcn/a1025.89 mln GBP
Bank of Montreal (5.0)
Bank of Philippine Islands (Europe) plc (3.4)20.87 mln GBP
Bank of Scotland (2.4)A+Aa3376575.00 mln GBP
Bank of Taiwann/a
Bank Saderat plc (4.6)227.27 mln EUR
Bank Sepah International plc (5.0)364.27 mln EUR
Bank Vontobel Europe AG (new)n/a
Banque Chaabi Du Maroc (2.1)
Banque Havilland S.A. (new)n/a
Banque Transatlantique SAn/a
Barclays Bank plc (2.5)AA21129343.00 mln GBP
Barclays Bank UK Plc (new) (3.8)160.22 mln GBP
Barclays Trust Company Limitedn/a14.95 mln GBP
BAWAG P.S.K. Bank für Arbeit und Wirtschaft und Österreichische Postsparkasse AG Großbritannien (new)n/a
Bayerische Landesbankn/aAa3
BFC Bank Ltd (new) (4.4)40.91 mln GBP
BIRA Bank Limitedn/a18.85 mln GBP
BLOM BANK France (4.3)
BMCE Bank International Plc (4.0)490.96 mln GBP
BNP Paribas (4.0)
BNP Paribas Securities Servicesn/a
British Arab Commercial Bank Plc (3.8)BB2952.86 mln GBP
Brown Shipley & Co Limited (4.5)784.94 mln GBP
Butterfield Bank (UK) Limitedn/a37.85 mln GBP
Byblos Bank Europe SA (5.0)
C Hoare & Co (4.3)4409.28 mln GBP
Caceis Bank France (new)n/a
CAF Bank Ltd (2.1)1039.79 mln GBP
Caixa Geral de Depositos SA (3.8)
Caixabank SA (new) (2.3)
Cambridge & Counties Bank Limited (4.6)879.23 mln GBP
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (4.0)
Canara Bank (4.7)
Cater Allen Limited (3.0)3.35 mln GBP
Cecabank SA (4.0)
Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltdn/a
Charter Central Finance Limitedn/a496.04 mln GBP
Charter Court Financial Servicesn/a5926.20 mln GBP
Chetwood Financial Limited (new)n/a
China Construction Bank (London) Limited (5.0)1681.83 mln USD
China Construction Bank Corporation London Branch (new) (5.0)
China Merchants Bank Co Ltd (new) (3.0)
CIBC World Markets plc (4.0)AA-A11202.88 mln CAD
CIMB Bank Berhad (3.0)
Citibank Europe plc (new) (2.5)
Citibank N.A. (2.6)
Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG (new)n/a
Clearstream Banking S.A. (new)n/a
Close Brothers Limited (2.8)AAa38449.50 mln GBP
Clydesdale Bank plc (2.6)BBB+Baa142893.00 mln GBP
Commerzbank AGn/a
Commonwealth Bank of Australian/a
Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen - Boerenleenbank B.A (4.6)
Coutts & Companyn/a31217.49 mln GBP
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (3.4)
Credit Agricole S.A. (3.4)
Credit Industriel et Commercialn/a
Credit Suisse (UK) Limited (4.3)3334.74 mln GBP
Credit Suisse AG (4.3)A1
Credit Suisse International (4.3)A-A1249440.00 mln USD
Crown Agents Bank Ltdn/aBBB993.05 mln GBP
Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltdn/a
Danske Bank A/S (3.6)
DB UK Bank Limited (4.0)1816.42 mln GBP
DBS Bank Limited (5.0)
Deutsche Bank AG (4.0)
Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG (new)n/a
Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG (new)n/a
Deutsche Postbank AG (new)n/a
Diamond Bank (UK) Plc (3.8)255.53 mln GBP
DNB Bank ASA (5.0)
DZ BANK AG, Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (5.0)
EFG Private Bank Limited (5.0)2728.58 mln GBP
Elavon Financial Services DACn/a
Emirates NBD PJSC (4.2)
Erste Group Bank AGn/a
Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg SA London (new)n/a
EUROPE ARAB BANK PLC (4.4)3331.35 mln GBP
Evolution Money Limited (new)n/a
FBN Bank (UK) Ltd (4.2)2717.58 mln GBP
FCE Bank plcn/a19598.00 mln GBP
FCMB Bank (UK) Limited (5.0)141.99 mln USD
First Abu Dhabi Bank P.J.S.C. (1.0)
First Commercial Bank (3.0)
FirstRand Bank Limited (5.0)
Gatehouse Bank Plc (3.0)280.53 mln GBP
GE Corporate Finance Bank SASn/a
Ghana International Bank Plc (4.0)781.58 mln GBP
Goldman Sachs Bank USA (new)n/a
Goldman Sachs International Bankn/aAA154446.83 mln EUR
Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited (3.5)467.79 mln GBP
Gulf International Bank BSCn/a7676.77 mln USD
Gulf International Bank BSCn/a
Habib AG Zurich UK Plc (new) (3.5)604.95 mln GBP
Habib Bank AG Zurich (3.5)
Habib Bank Ltd (4.0)
Habibsons Bank Limited (4.0)672.68 mln GBP
Hampden & Co Plcn/a240.20 mln GBP
Hampshire Trust Bank plc (4.5)742.26 mln GBP
Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers KGaA (new)n/a
Havin Bank Ltdn/a172.80 mln GBP
HSBC Bank plc (4.0)AA-818868.00 mln GBP
HSBC Bank USA NA, London Branch (2.8)
HSBC Private Bank (UK) Limitedn/a7011.12 mln GBP
HSBC Trust Company (UK) Ltd (3.3)182.57 mln GBP
HSBC UK Bank Plc (new) (4.0)
Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltdn/a
ICBC (London) Plc (3.6)2431.24 mln EUR
ICBC Standard Bank Plc (4.2)BBB+Baa323853.70 mln USD
ICICI Bank UK Ltd (2.7)Baa13479.77 mln USD
IKANO BANK AB (PUBL) (new) (1.8)
IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG (new) (5.0)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (new) (3.6)
Industrial Bank of Korea (new) (5.0)
ING Bank NV (3.9)
Insinger Gilissen Bankiers NV (2.5)
Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking Spa (new) (2.9)
Intesa Sanpaolo Spa (2.9)
Investec Bank Plcn/aBBB+A216296.59 mln GBP
Itau BBA International Plc (5.0)5953.35 mln USD
J.P. Morgan Europe Limited (5.0)14718.28 mln USD
J.P. Morgan International Bank Limitedn/a12821.41 mln USD
J.P. Morgan Securities plcn/a(P)Aa2620914.74 mln USD
Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG (new) (4.0)
Jordan International Bank plc (3.9)393.11 mln GBP
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.n/a
Julian Hodge Bank Limited (5.0)1267.40 mln GBP
Kas Bank NVn/a
KB Kookmin Bank London Branch (new)n/a
KBC Bank NVn/a
KEXIM Bank (UK) Ltd (5.0)316.80 mln GBP
KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH (new)n/a
Kingdom Bank Ltd (5.0)56.25 mln GBP
Kookmin Bank International Ltdn/a473.27 mln USD
Korea Exchange Bank (4.3)
Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg (3.0)
Landesbank Hessen - Thuringen Girozentrale (5.0)
Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets Plc (new)n/a20.05 mln GBP
Lloyds Bank plc (4.8)A+Aa3576953.00 mln GBP
Lloyds Bank Private Banking Limited (4.8)25.52 mln GBP
Lombard Odier (Europe) S.A. (new) (5.0)
Macquarie Bank International Ltd (4.4)859.11 mln GBP
Macquarie Bank Ltd (4.4)
Macquarie Capital Europe Limited (4.4)
MainFirst Bank AG (new)n/a
Malayan Banking Berhad (5.0)
Marks & Spencer Financial Services Ltd (2.8)5785.15 mln GBP
Mashreqbank pscn/a
Masthaven Bank Limited (new) (2.7)218.50 mln GBP
Mega International Commercial Bank Co. Ltdn/a
Melli Bank plc (4.3)276.44 mln EUR
Mercedes Benz Bank AG (new) (1.0)
Methodist Chapel Aid Ltdn/a33.58 mln GBP
Metro Bank Plc (3.2)16355.36 mln GBP
Mirabaud and Cie (Europe) SA (new) (3.0)
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (5.0)
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Limited (5.0)
Mizuho Bank Ltd. (4.4)
Mizuho International plc (4.4)15395.20 mln GBP
Monzo Bank Ltd (new) (4.0)19.48 mln GBP
Morgan Stanley Bank International Ltdn/a461362.00 mln USD
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (5.0)
National Australia Bank Limitedn/a
National Bank of Canadan/a
National Bank of Greece SA (3.9)
National Bank of Kuwait (International) plc (2.9)AA-3025.05 mln USD
National Westminster Bank (NatWest) (3.0)BBB+A1340843.00 mln GBP
NATWEST MARKETS PLC (3.4)BBB+Baa2525889.00 mln GBP
Nedbank Ltdn/a
Nedbank Private Wealth Limited (2.3)
Nomura Bank International plc (4.4)7940.78 mln USD
Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale (5.0)
Nordea Bank AB (publ) (new) (3.5)
Nordea Bank Finland plc (3.5)
Northern Bank Ltdn/a0.20 mln GBP
Novo Banco S.A. (new)n/a
Oaknorth Bank Limited (new) (4.8)768.59 mln GBP
OneSavings Bank Plcn/a8510.90 mln GBP
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limitedn/a
Paragon Bank Plcn/a4914.21 mln GBP
PCF Bank Limited (new)n/a83.11 mln GBP
Persia International Bank plc (5.0)197.74 mln EUR
Philippine National Bank (Europe) Plc (5.0)18.79 mln GBP
Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A. (new) (5.0)
Piraeus Bank SAn/a
Portigon AG (5.0)
PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (new) (4.4)
Punjab National Bank (International) Limited (3.5)1455.37 mln EUR
Qatar National Bank SAQ (4.8)
QIB (UK) Plcn/a529.77 mln GBP
R. Raphael & Sons Plc (2.6)436.25 mln GBP
Raiffeisen Bank International AG Großbritannien (new) (3.2)
Rathbone Investment Management Limitedn/a2596.10 mln GBP
RBC Europe Limitedn/a40034.95 mln GBP
RBC Investor Services Bank S.A., London Branch (new)n/a
RBC Investor Services Trustn/a
RCI Banque (new) (4.6)
Redwood Bank Limited (new) (5.0)28.40 mln GBP
Reliance Bank Ltd (3.4)226.66 mln GBP
Riyad Bank (2.6)
Royal Bank of Canada (4.6)A1
Sainsbury's Bank plc (4.0)5794.00 mln GBP
Samba Financial Groupn/a
Santander UK (5.0)AAa3314765.00 mln GBP
Schroder & Co Ltdn/aA+2332.12 mln GBP
Scotiabank Europe plc (3.7)25383.61 mln USD
Scottish Widows Bank plc (3.7)7638.95 mln GBP
Secure Trust Bank plc (3.7)1891.60 mln GBP
SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Limited (5.0)2812.98 mln GBP
Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd (4.7)
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd (new)n/a
Shawbrook Bank Limited (2.6)5701.40 mln GBP
Shinhan Bank (5.0)
Siemens Bank GmbH (new)n/a
Silicon Valley Bank (4.1)
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab (Publ) (4.8)
Smith & Williamson Investment Services Limitedn/a94.12 mln GBP
Societe Generale (3.4)
Sonali Bank (UK) Limited (2.6)240.08 mln GBP
Standard Chartered Bankn/aA+404640.00 mln USD
Starling Bank Limited (new) (3.3)20.44 mln GBP
State Bank of India (2.8)
State Street Bank and Trust Companyn/a
State Street Bank International GMBH (3.8)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (3.0)AA138838.00 mln USD
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Limitedn/a
Svenska Handelsbanken AB (Publ)n/a
Syndicate Bank (3.9)
T C Ziraat Bankasi AS (4.4)
Tandem Bank Limited (new) (2.9)11.83 mln GBP
Tandem Bank Limited (2.9)492.04 mln GBP
TD Bank Europe Limited (5.0)2047.34 mln GBP
TD Bank NV (5.0)
Tesco Personal Finance PLC (3.6)12558.30 mln GBP
The Access Bank UK Limited (new)n/a1402.48 mln GBP
The Bank of New York Mellonn/a
The Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limitedn/aAA-10117.22 mln GBP
The Bank of Nova Scotia (3.7)
The Charity Bank Limited (5.0)158.61 mln GBP
The Chiba Bank Ltdn/a
The Co-operative Bank plc (3.7)B-24490.10 mln GBP
The Governor and Company of the Bank of England (4.0)
The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland (3.5)
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (4.0)
The Korea Development Bank - London Branchn/a
The Norinchukin Bank (5.0)
The Northern Trust Companyn/a
The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited (London Branch) (new) (3.0)
The Royal Bank of Scotland NV (4.1)
The Toronto-Dominion Bank (3.7)
Together Personal Finance (new)n/a366.70 mln GBP
Triodos Bank NV (4.3)
TSB Bank Plc (1.4)Baa242536.70 mln GBP
Turkish Bank (UK) Ltd (2.7)177.60 mln GBP
Turkiye Is Bankasi AS (3.8)
UBA Capital (Europe) Limitedn/a154.52 mln USD
UBS AG (4.7)
UBS Limited (4.7)AA-35569.00 mln GBP
Ulster Bank Ireland DAC (2.5)
Ulster Bank Ltdn/aBBB+A111987.00 mln GBP
UniCredit Bank AG (2.9)
Unicredit S.p.a (2.9)
Union Bancaire Privée UBP SAn/a
Union Bank of India (UK) Limited (3.4)337.59 mln USD
Union Bank UK Plc (4.8)436.04 mln USD
United National Bank Limited (2.6)522.06 mln GBP
United Overseas Bank Ltd (5.0)
United Trust Bank Limited (4.2)1013.90 mln GBP
Unity Trust Bank plc (3.8)1012.38 mln GBP
Vanquis Bank Limited (2.8)1855.10 mln GBP
Virgin Money Plcn/aBBB+41018.90 mln GBP
Volkswagen Bank GmbH (new) (2.8)
VTB Capital plc (3.0)Ba36739.79 mln USD
Weatherbys Bank Limited (4.3)758.84 mln GBP
Wells Fargo Bank National Associationn/a
Wesleyan Bank Limited (3.1)202.98 mln GBP
Western Union International Bank GmbHn/a
Westpac Banking Corporation (4.2)
Westpac Europe Ltd (4.2)368.91 mln USD
Woori Bank (4.8)
Wyelands Bank Plcn/a130.80 mln GBP
ZENITH BANK (UK) LIMITED (4.3)1675.76 mln USD

Defunct Banks

NameRatingFitchMoody'sTotal Assets
Airdrie Savings Bank (closed)n/a
Allied Bank Philippines (UK) plc (closed)n/a5.01 mln GBP
AMC Bank Ltd (closed)n/a
Anglo-Romanian Bank Ltd. (closed)n/a
Banca March S.A. (closed)n/a
Banco Itau BBA International SA (closed)n/a
Banif - Banco Internacional do Funchal SA (closed)n/a
Bank Hapoalim B.M. (closed)n/a
Banque AIG (closed)n/a
BNP Paribas Fortis SA/N.V. (closed)n/a
BNP Paribas Private Bank (closed)n/a
CACEIS Bank Luxembourg (closed)n/a
Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (closed)n/a
Capital One Bank(Europe) plc (closed) (4.0)2533.64 mln GBP
CIT Bank Limited (closed)n/a124.90 mln GBP
Citibank International Limited (closed) (2.6)WD20804.00 mln GBP
Consolidated Credits Bank Ltd (closed)n/a44.29 mln GBP
Deutsche Postbank AG (closed)n/a
Dunbar Bank plc (closed)n/a
Duncan Lawrie Ltd (closed) (5.0)10.10 mln GBP
Eurobank Ergasias SA (closed) (5.0)
European Islamic Investment Bank Plc (closed) (4.4)108.25 mln GBP
Export-Import Bank of India (closed) (4.0)
GE Capital UK Limited (closed)n/a546.53 mln GBP
Glitnir Banki hf (closed)n/a
Habib Allied International Bank plc (closed) (4.5)672.57 mln GBP
Heritable Bank Ltd (closed)n/a
HFC Bank Plc (closed)n/aWD103.50 mln GBP
HSH Nordbank AG (closed) (5.0)
Hypo Public Finance Bank (closed)n/a
Hypo Real Estate Bank International AG (closed)n/a
Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AG (closed)n/a
ING Direct NV (closed) (3.9)
Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited (closed) (4.0)
Israel Discount Bank Limited (closed) (5.0)
Jyske Bank A/S (closed)n/a
Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Ltd (closed)n/a
Landesbank Berlin AG (closed) (5.0)
Lehman Brothers Bankhaus AG (closed)n/a
Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited (closed)n/aA15321.35 mln GBP
N M Rothschild & Sons Ltd (closed)n/aBBB+878.06 mln GBP
Nacional Financiera SNC (closed)n/a
Newedge Group (closed)n/a
Northern Trust Global Services Ltd (closed)n/a8704.50 mln EUR
Pilatus Bank Plc (closed)n/a
Southsea Mortgage and Investment Company Ltd (closed)n/a
State Street Bank Europe Limited (closed)n/a245.90 mln GBP
Straumur-Burdarás Investment Bank hf (closed)n/a
Talos Securities Limited (closed)n/a16.40 mln GBP
The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV (closed)n/a
U.S. Bank National Association (closed)n/a
Wachovia Bank, National Association (closed)n/a
Westdeutsche Immobilienbank AG (closed)n/a

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