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BinckBank NV provides products and services in the areas of retail banking, online brokerage, online securities services, online asset management. The range of products offered by BinckBank NV includes trading accounts, investment funds, pension accounts, pension investments.

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Products and services offered by BinckBank NV are not available at the bank's branches.


Trading Accounts

Trading accounts are used to execute trade transactions involving buying and selling various financial instruments, for example, stocks, bonds, futures and options. Trading accounts can hold both cash and securities.

Trading accounts offered by BinckBank NV are shown in the table below.

Updated on 6 April 2020

BinckBank BE
Sales Region
Annual Costs
0.00 EUR
Costs per Order
7.25 EUR
Trading Account Details
Product Name
BinckBank BE
Annual Costs
0.00 EUR
Costs per Order
7.25 EUR
Traded Instruments
Stock Exchanges
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Trading Account Features

Major world stock exchanges

Most popular trade instruments

Available to Belgian residents

No annual costs

BEBelgium: This product is offered to Belgian residents only. When clicking on the product link you will be redirected to the product page in Dutch, French or German.
Investor Compensation. Trading accounts made with BinckBank NV are covered by investor compensation scheme of Belgium up to 20,000 EUR per investor.

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