United Bulgarian Bank AD

Credit Ratings (as of May 2018)

Fitch Moody's
A- (high credit quality) - (not rated)

Credit Rating is an opinion of a credit rating agency about credit worthiness of a company or a government. United Bulgarian Bank AD is rated by Fitch.

Credit ratings assigned to United Bulgarian Bank AD as of May 2018 are shown in details in the following sections.


Long-term issuer default rating is Fitch's view of a credit institution's relative vulnerability to default on its financial obligations, for United Bulgarian Bank AD it is set to A- (high credit quality), outlook is stable (not likely to change). The rating is not on watch. Short-term issuer default rating for United Bulgarian Bank AD is set to F1 (highest short-term credit quality).

Long-Term Issuer Default Rating  A-
    Outlook  stable
    On Watch  No
Short-Term Issuer Default Rating  F1
Viability Rating  bb-
Support Rating  1
Support Rating Floor  WD

Viability rating for United Bulgarian Bank AD is set to bb- (speculative fundamental credit quality); support rating is 1 (extremely high probability of external support); support rating floor is WD (withdrawn).