Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG

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Bankhaus August Lenz is a German private bank and a member of Mediolanum Group (Italy). Bankhaus August Lenz provides retail banking products and services, including current accounts and payment cards, savings and fixed term deposit accounts, investment funds and personal loans.

Bank Category

Private banks (Bankhäuser)

Business Focus

retail banking


Total Assets (2017)
191.19 mln EUR  (-0.61%)
Net Income (2017)
-82,132,098.25 EUR  (+3.88%)

Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG is the 1250th largest bank in Germany in terms of total assets. In 2017 its total assets were 191,19 mln EUR, providing the bank with the market share of 0.00%. Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG is the 11th largest private bank (bankhäuser) in Germany (out of 17 private banks (bankhäuser)) having market share of 1.64% amongst the banks of this category. In 2017 the bank's net income was -82,13 mln EUR.

Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Germany. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


Holbeinstraße 11, 81679, München, Germany
10 09 36

Bankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG is headquartered in München.

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