flatex Bank AG

Business Summary

white-level banking
online brokerage
securities services
credit servicing
ATM servicing
private individuals
digital wallets
trading accounts
collateral loans
public sector loans
Area Served

flatex Bank AG provides products and services in the areas of white-level banking, online brokerage, securities services, credit servicing, ATM servicing, crypto-trading. flatex Bank AG offers a range of products including digital wallets, trading accounts, collateral loans, public sector loans. flatex Bank AG makes its solutions available to private individuals, companies.

Account Opening

Account Opening Procedure
submit online application
upload documents

Opening an account with flatex Bank AG can be done by performing the following steps: submit online application, upload documents.

Required Documents
proof of address
application form

flatex Bank AG requires the following documents to open a personal bank account: passport; proof of address; application form.

While opening a bank account flatex Bank AG has to perform KYC procedure and comply with AML requirements. KYC procedure usually includes obtaining the information about customer identity, residential address, current occupation and source of income. KYC checks performed by flatex Bank AG and the documents used are outlined below.

Identity Verification
any one of the documents above
Address Confirmation
proof of address
any one of the documents above
Current Occupation
Income Source
application form
all the forms from above

flatex Bank AG may require additional documentation or information depending on the case.

Ways to Bank

Business Channels
online banking online banking

Products and services offered by flatex Bank AG are not available at the bank's branches. flatex Bank AG instead uses direct channels to deliver its solutions to customers, namely via online banking system.


Trading Accounts

Trading accounts are used to execute trade transactions involving buying and selling various financial instruments, for example, stocks, bonds, futures and options. Trading accounts can hold both cash and securities.

Trading accounts offered by flatex Bank AG are shown in the table below.

Updated on 27 October 2020

Sales Region
Annual Costs
20.00 EUR
Costs per Order
5.90 EUR
Trading Account Details
Product Name
Annual Costs
20.00 EUR
Costs per Order
5.90 EUR
Traded Instruments
Stock Exchanges
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Trading Account Features

Major world stock exchanges

Most popular trade instruments

Available to German residents

DEGermany: This product is offered to German residents only. When clicking on the product link you will be redirected to the product page in German.
Investor Compensation. Trading accounts made with flatex Bank AG are covered by investor compensation scheme of Germany up to 20,000 EUR per investor.

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