Bigbank AS

Market Share and Rank (among banks in Estonia)

Total Assets (2018)
7th (market share 2.02%)
Loans (2018)
7th (market share 2.28%)
Deposits (2018)
7th (market share 1.80%)

In 2018 Bigbank AS was ranked the 7th largest bank in Estonia in terms of total assets, having 2.02% of the domestic market share.

Market share of Bigbank AS (among banks in Estonia)

Chart 1. Market share of Bigbank AS (among banks in Estonia)

Several banks having the market shares and ranks closest to Bigbank AS are shown below.

RankNameTotal AssetsMarket Share
6OP Corporate Bank plc Eesti filiaal578.77 mln EUR2.22%
7Bigbank AS526.84 mln EUR2.02%
8Coop Pank AS438.70 mln EUR1.68%

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