Open Bank, S.A.

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direct retail banking

Established in 1994, Open Bank was the first bank in Spain offering telephone and Internet banking and thus significantly reducing costs of the daily operations. In 1999 Open Bank became first Spanish online broker that allows real-time operation in both domestic and international markets. In 2019 Open Bank started its international expansion: the bank launched its services in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal. Open Bank is a member of Santander Group.


retail banking


natural persons

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salary accounts
debit cards
credit cards
prepaid cards
virtual cards
time deposit accounts
investment funds
consumer loans
mortgage loans

Account Currencies

EUEUR (Euro)

Card Providers


International Transfers

SWIFT Transfers
SEPA Credit Transfers
SEPA Instant Transfers
SEPA Direct Debits

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Account Opening

Becoming a client of Open Bank, S.A. can be done in a few steps:

Completely online
Account is ready within a few minutes

Due to regulatory requirements Open Bank, S.A. performs KYC/AML checks when establishing business relationships with a new client. While onboarding a private individual Open Bank, S.A. will ask him/her to provide the following documents: passport; proof of address. For corporate clients Open Bank, S.A. will ask to provide corporate documentation as well as information about controlling persons. Open Bank, S.A. may request additional documentation or information depending on the case. Open Bank, S.A. performs client's identity verification via one of the following methods: video call, bank account. Account opening procedure is usually completed within a few minutes.

Ways to Bank

Open Bank, S.A. delivers its products and services via direct (online) channels only, namely:
online banking
mobile app


Total Assets of Open Bank, S.A.
Net_income of Open Bank, S.A.
Total Assets (2019)
9,799.86 mln EUR  (+14.00%)
Net Income (2019)
1.15 mln EUR  (-88.86%)

In 2019 total assets of Open Bank, S.A. were 9 799,86 mln EUR. In 2019 the bank's net income was 1,15 mln EUR.

Deposit Guarantee

Guarantee Fund
Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito (FGD)Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito (FGD)
Protected Amount
up to 100,000 EUR
Eligible Depositors
natural persons
legal entities
Covered Accounts
credit balances on accounts

Open Bank, S.A. participates in the deposit guarantee scheme of Spain. This deposit guarantee scheme applies to credit balances on accounts made by natural persons, legal entities and covers up to up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor. Open Bank, S.A. is a member of Fondo de Garantía de Depósitos de Entidades de Crédito (FGD) and makes its contributions into it.

Member of Group

 Santander (Spain)

Open Bank, S.A. is a member of Santander (Spain).


Ps de la Castellana, 24, 28046, Madrid, Spain

Open Bank, S.A. is headquartered in Madrid.

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