Credit moderne Antilles Guyane

Crédit Moderne provides a wide range of project financing solutions in French overseas territories.

Credit moderne Antilles Guyane participates in deposit guarantee scheme of France. This scheme covers accounts up to 100 000 EUR per bank per depositor.

Member of Group

 BNP Paribas (France)



Credit moderne Antilles Guyane is headquartered in BAIE MAHAULT.

Bank Identifiers


Deposit Guarantee

Deposit Guarantee
Yes (up to 100 000 EUR per depositor)

Deposit Guarantee Schemes compensate certain deposits held by depositors of a bank that becomes unable to meet its obligations.

All credit institutions operating in France are obliged to participate in French deposit guarantee scheme.

In the case of Credit moderne Antilles Guyane failure, eligible depositors having covered accounts in this bank will be paid out the following compensation:

Eligible Depositors  natural persons, legal entities
Covered Accounts  all deposit accounts (current accounts, demand accounts, passbook accounts, term accounts, home savings accounts, home savings schemes, etc.)
Covered Currencies  all currencies
Maximum Protected Amount  100 000 EUR
Paid In Currency  EUR

Further Information


MFI ID (Monetary Financial Institution Identifier) is a code, unique to each institution in the MFI list provided by ECB (European Central Bank). MFI ID is hence applicable to MFIs resident in the European Union.

The code is alphanumerical, with the first two digits representing the two-digit ISO code for the country of residence of the MFI and the remaining number of digits (no limit has been specified) is any combination of alphanumerical characters.

MFI ID of Credit moderne Antilles Guyane is shown in the table below.

MFI ID  FR19020

European Presence: 2 banks in 1 country

Credit moderne Antilles Guyane operates under the brand name Credit Moderne. This banking brand has presence in the following European countries and selected dependent territories of the European countries: