Century Building Society

Founded in 1899, Century Building Society provides a wide range of mortgage and savings products at competitive rates to its customers (residents of the United Kingdom only). Savings accounts made with Century Building Society are covered by British deposit guarantee scheme.

Bank Category

Building societies


retail banking


Total Assets (2012)
25.48 mln GBP  (+3.18%)
Total Members (2012)
2,940  (-7.69%)

In 2012 total assets of Century Building Society were 25,48 mln GBP. Century Building Society was the 47th largest building society in the United Kingdom (out of 47 building societies) having market share of 0.01% amongst the building societies of this category. In 2012 there were 2 940 members in Century Building Society.

Century Building Society participates in deposit guarantee scheme of the United Kingdom. This scheme covers accounts up to 85,000 GBP per bank per depositor.


21-23 Albany Street, EH1 3QW, London, United Kingdom
44 01315561711
44 01315562463

Century Building Society was located in London.

Bank Identifiers

Company Number
Start Date
April 1899
Close Date
April 2013