Crown Agents Bank Ltd

Credit Ratings (as of May 2018)

BBB (good credit quality)
- (not rated)

Credit Rating is an opinion of a credit rating agency about credit worthiness of a company or a government. Crown Agents Bank Ltd is rated by Fitch.

Credit ratings assigned to Crown Agents Bank Ltd as of May 2018 are shown in details in the following sections.


Long-term issuer default rating is Fitch's view of a credit institution's relative vulnerability to default on its financial obligations, for Crown Agents Bank Ltd it is set to BBB (good credit quality), outlook is negative (may be lowered). The rating is on watch (there is a heightened probability of a rating change). Short-term issuer default rating for Crown Agents Bank Ltd is set to F2 (good short-term credit quality).

Long-Term Issuer Default Rating  BBB
    Outlook  negative
    On Watch  Yes
Short-Term Issuer Default Rating  F2
Viability Rating  bbb
Support Rating  5
Support Rating Floor  NF

Viability rating for Crown Agents Bank Ltd is set to bbb (good fundamental credit quality); support rating is 5 (there is a possibility of external support, but it cannot be relied upon); support rating floor is NF (no floor; no reasonable presumption of potential support being forthcoming).