ACC Bank plc

ACC (Agricultural Credit Corporation) Bank was established in 1927 and was a commercial bank initially focused on agriculture and SME lending. In 2002 ACC Bank joined Rabobank Group (Netherlands) and extended its products portfolio with commercial mortgage, working capital loans, asset financing and leasing as well as wealth management. In May 2014 ACC Bank decided to focus on debt recovery and returned its banking license to the Central Bank of Ireland and changed the company name to ACC Loan Management. Since that time ACC Loan Management stopped providing traditional banking products such as current and savings accounts and focused exclusively on managing its existing clients' lending facilities.

Business Focus

debt recovery

ACC Bank plc participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Ireland. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.

ACC Bank plc is a member of Rabobank (Netherlands).


Charlemont Place, 2, Dublin, Ireland

ACC Bank plc was headquartered in Dublin.

Bank Identifiers

Close Date
July 2014