Dexia Crédit Local (formerly Dexia Crédit Local (Dublin Branch))

Based in France, Dexia Credit Local is the main operating entity of Dexia Group (Belgium). Since 2012, Dexia is managed according to the resolution plan to avoid bankruptcy and liquidation, which would be likely to destabilize the entire European banking sector. Consequently, Dexia Credit Local conducts no new business and is fully dedicated to the management of its residual assets. Dexia Crédit Local operates as a branch of Dexia crédit local (France).

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Branches of foreign banks

Dexia Crédit Local participates in deposit guarantee scheme of France. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


4 Exchange Place IFSC Dublin 1, 1, Dublin, Ireland

Dexia Crédit Local is located in Dublin.

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