DZ Bank Ireland plc (formerly WGZ-Bank Ireland plc)

DZ Bank Ireland (formerly WGZ-Bank Ireland) has started its business operations in 1995 and is focused on providing short, medium and long term loans to banks and high quality borrowers worldwide. WGZ-Bank Ireland is also the centre of competence for structured finance for WGZ BANK Group (Germany). In 2017 DZ Bank Ireland voluntary surrendered its banking license.

Business Focus

structured finance

DZ Bank Ireland plc participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Ireland. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.

Member of Group

 DZ Bank (Germany)

DZ Bank Ireland plc is a member of DZ Bank (Germany).


International House, 3 Harbourmaster, IFSC, 1, Dublin, Ireland

DZ Bank Ireland plc was headquartered in Dublin.

Bank Identifiers

Close Date
July 2017