Banca delle Marche Spa

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Founded in October 1994 as a result of a merger of two savings banks, Banca delle Marche SpA was a savings bank which started providing insurance and asset management services a few years later. Since July 2013 Banca delle Marche was under special administration and control of Banca d'Italia. On November 22, 2015 Banca d'Italia ordered the sale of all "good" assets, rights and liabilities of Banca delle Marche SpA to Nuova Banca delle Marche SpA. Nuova Banca delle Marche is going to be a bridge institution with the aim of ensuring the continuity of credit and financial services of the bank under resolution procedures.

Business Focus

Universal Banking

Banca delle Marche Spa participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Italy. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


VIA MENICUCCI, 4/6, 60100, ANCONA, Italy

Banca delle Marche Spa was headquartered in ANCONA.

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February 2016