ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A.

ABLV Bank is a private Latvian bank, established in 1993. ABLV Bank operates as a universal bank in Latvia, offering retail and corporate banking products and services to natural persons and business entities. The bank also offers financial advisory, asset and investment management solutions. Since June 2018 ABLV Bank is in voluntary liquidation. ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A. operated as a subsidiary of ABLV Bank (Latvia).

Business Focus

asset and wealth management


Total Assets (2016)
183.00 mln EUR  (+52.50%)
Annual Profit (2016)
1.00 mln EUR
Number of Employees (2016)
20  (-9.09%)

In 2016 total assets of ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A. were 183,00 mln EUR. In 2016 the bank's annual profit was 1,00 mln EUR. ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A. had 20 employees in 2016.

ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A. participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Luxembourg. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


26a, Boulevard Royal, 2449, LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg
+352 27 85 45 1
+352 27 85 45 900

ABLV Bank Luxembourg, S.A. was headquartered in LUXEMBOURG.

Bank Identifiers

Start Date
September 2012
Close Date
July 2019