RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A.

In 2014 RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. transferred its business activities to The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, Luxembourg Branch.

Business Focus

global banking


Total Assets (2013)
1,820.00 mln EUR  (+26.83%)
Annual Profit (2013)
6.00 mln EUR  (+20.00%)
Number of Employees (2013)
50  (-5.66%)

RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. was the 56th largest bank in Luxembourg in terms of total assets. In 2013 its total assets were 1 820,00 mln EUR. In 2013 the bank's annual profit was 6,00 mln EUR. RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. had 50 employees in 2013.

RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Luxembourg. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.

RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. is a member of The Royal Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom).


46, avenue J.F. Kennedy, 1855, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

RBS Global Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. was headquartered in Luxembourg.

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Bank History

Close Date
November 2014

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