MFC Merchant Bank Limited (formerly BAWAG Malta Bank Ltd)

MFC Merchant Bank Ltd. (formerly BAWAG Malta Bank) is a specialized in trade and structured finance, factoring and forfaiting. The bank started its operation in February 2016. MFC Merchant Bank Ltd. is a subsidiary of MFC Bancorp Ltd., Canadian supply chain and finance company.


Trade Finance
Structured Finance
Factoring and Forfaiting


Total Assets (2017)
15.00 mln EUR  (-71.70%)
Profit before Taxes (2017)
1.00 mln EUR 
Number of Employees (2015)

MFC Merchant Bank Limited is the 20th largest bank in Malta in terms of total assets. In 2017 its total assets were 15,00 mln EUR, providing the bank with the market share of 0.06%. In 2017 the bank's profit before taxes was 1,00 mln EUR. MFC Merchant Bank Limited had 8 employees in 2015.

MFC Merchant Bank Limited participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Malta. This scheme covers accounts up to 100 000 EUR per bank per depositor.


The Plaza Commercial Centre, Level 4, Suite 7, Bisazza Street, SLM 1640, Sliema, Malta
+356 23 286 000
+356 21 315 147

MFC Merchant Bank Limited is headquartered in Sliema.

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