Banque Artesia Nederland NV

GE Artesia N.V. is the new statutory name of Banque Artesia Nederland N.V. acting under the name GE Artesia Bank. In 2013 the management board of GE Artesia Bank conducted a strategic review of its activities and decided to restructure it. The restructuring activities conducted upon the decision did not achieve the intended goal for GE Artesia Bank. Therefore it was decided to discontinue all of the bank's services for which the approval from the Dutch Central Bank was received. On December 30, 2015 the bank license was returned to the Dutch Central Bank.

Business Focus

retail banking

Banque Artesia Nederland NV participates in deposit guarantee scheme of the Netherlands. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


1000 AG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 (0)20 520 42 01
+31 (0)20 624 75 02

Banque Artesia Nederland NV was headquartered in Amsterdam.

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Bank History

Close Date
December 2015