Alior Bank S.A.

Established in 2008 Alior Bank S.A. is a universal bank providing products and services to both individual and business customers. The bank combines the principles of traditional banking with innovative solutions. In December 2013, the Bank entered into a strategic alliance with T-Mobile, leading global telecommunications operator. in May 2014, T-Mobile Banking Services delivered by Alior Bank became operational. In February 2015 Alior Bank SA became the major shareholder of Meritum Bank ICB. On June 30, 2015 Meritum Bank ICB was legally merged with Alior Bank.


Retail Banking
Private Banking
Corporate Banking
Online Brokerage



Total Assets (2017)
16 644.00 mln PLN  (-72.81%)
Net Income (2017)
121.00 mln PLN  (-80.42%)
Number of Employees (2017)
8 110  (-20.84%)

In 2017 total assets of Alior Bank S.A. were 16 644,00 mln PLN. In 2017 the bank's net income was 121,00 mln PLN. Alior Bank S.A. had 8 110 employees in 2017.

Alior Bank S.A. is rated by Fitch. Long-term credit rating assigned to the bank by Fitch is BB (speculative).

Alior Bank S.A. participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Poland. This scheme covers accounts up to 100 000 EUR per bank per depositor.


ul. Łopuszańska 38D, 02-232, Warszawa, Poland
+48 22 555-22-22
+48 22 555-23-23

Alior Bank S.A. is headquartered in Warszawa.

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September 2008