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ING Bank Śląski S.A. provides products and services in the areas of retail banking, private banking, corporate banking. The range of products offered by ING Bank Śląski S.A. includes current accounts, savings accounts, time deposit accounts, investment funds, consumer loans, mortgage loans, business loans.


Current Accounts

Current accounts are non-interest bearing deposit accounts that are used to perform day-to-day banking transactions. Current accounts are often offered with a payment card (a debit card and/or a credit card) and may also include overdraft possibility. Annual costs of having a current account (also known as account management fees) can depend on monthly income input to the account or amount of money deposited into the account.

Current accounts made with ING Bank Śląski S.A. are covered by deposit guarantee scheme of Poland up to 100,000 EUR per depositor. The following current accounts are offered by ING Bank Śląski S.A..

Updated on 18 October 2019

Konto z Lwem Direct
Sales Region
Overdraft Rate (p.a.)
0.00 %
Interest Rate (p.a.)
0.00 %
Annual Costs
0.00 PLN
Current Account Details
Product Name
Konto z Lwem Direct
Account Currency
Annual Costs
0.00 PLN
Interest Rate (p.a.)
0.00 %
Overdraft Rate (p.a.)
0.00 %
Debit Card
Debit Card Costs (p.a.)
0.00 PLN
Credit Card
Credit Card Costs (p.a.)
84.00 PLN
Online Banking
Telephone Banking
Branch Banking
Mobile Banking
Current Account Features
No annual fees
Free debit card available
Credit card available
Account be can accessed via online banking, phone, branch
Available to Polish residents

Poland: This product is offered to Polish residents only. When clicking on the product link you will be redirected to the product page in Polish.

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