ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited

Business Focus
international banking

ABN AMRO Bank serves retail, private and corporate banking clients with a primary focus on the Netherlands. ABN AMRO Bank is one of the largest banks of the Netherlands which also conducts selected operations internationally. ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited was offering retail banking, wealth management and fiduciary services to private individuals and institutions. In September 2019, ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited was acquired by Butterfield Bank (Guernsey) Limited.


retail banking
wealth management
fiduciary services
international banking


private individuals

Deposit Guarantee

Protected Amount
up to 50,000 GBP
Guarantee Fund
Guernsey Banking Deposit Compensation Scheme
Covered Depositors
natural persons (residents of Guernsey)
natural persons (non-residents of Guernsey)
Covered Accounts
all deposit accounts

ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited participates in the deposit guarantee scheme of Guernsey. This deposit guarantee scheme applies to all deposit accounts made by natural persons (residents of Guernsey), natural persons (non-residents of Guernsey) and covers up to up to 50,000 GBP per bank per depositor. ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited is a member of Guernsey Banking Deposit Compensation Scheme and makes its contributions into it.

ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited is a member of ABN AMRO (Netherlands).


Martello Court, Admiral Park, GY1 3QJ, St Peter Port, Guernsey
+44 (0) 1481 751000
+44 (0) 1481 751001

ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited was headquartered in St Peter Port.

Bank Identifiers

Company Number

Bank Supervision

Supervised By
Guernsey Financial Services Commission

ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Limited was authorized and supervised by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Bank History

Close Date
29 September 2019