Itau Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd.


LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is as international identifier assigned to distinct legal entities that engage in financial transactions. LEI increases the transparency of financial system, allowing the authorities to improve market surveillance and businesses to reduce counterparty risk. Knowing LEI allows to get registration details of the legal entity, its ownership structure and its family tree.

The structure of LEI is defined in ISO 17442. A LEI consists of twenty alpha-numeric characters where characters 1-4 identify the LEI issuer (Local Operating Units or LOU), characters 7-18 are the entity indentifier, i.e. the code generated and assigned by the LOU, characters 19-20 are the verification ID (checksum).

LEI of Itau Bank & Trust Cayman Ltd. and its components are shown in the table below.

LEI  254900UX02O29Y7AHC59
LOU Identifier  2549
Reserved  00
Entity Identifier  UX02O29Y7AHC
Verification ID  59