Maple Bank GmbH

In September 2015 German prosecutors searched offices and residences linked to Maple Bank in a probe of tax evasion and money-laundering connected to ividend-stripping trades. On February 12, 2016 BaFin announced that Maple Bank was no longer in a position to pay back all its customers' deposits, and that the deposit guarantee would start paying the compensations. Maple Bank GmbH operated as a branch of Maple Bank GmbH (Germany).

Bank Category

Branches of foreign banks

Maple Bank GmbH participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Germany. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


Anna van Buerenplein 41, 2595 DA, s Gravenhage, Netherlands

Maple Bank GmbH was located in S Gravenhage.

Bank Identifiers

Start Date
August 2015
Close Date
January 2017