Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial


Kyrkogatan, 9, 203 12, Malmö, Sweden

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Domestic Presence

Branches (2019)

In 2019 Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial had 1 branches in Sweden. The value didn't change compared to the previous period (2018). The evolution of the number of branches of Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial is shown at Chart 1 below.

Branches of Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial.

Chart 1. Branches of Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial.

European Presence: 2 banks in 2 countries

Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial operates under the brand name Lan and Spar Bank. This banking brand has presence in the following European countries and selected dependent territories of the European countries:



  • (this bank) Lån & Spar Sverige, bankfilial (Malmö)

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