Bank Degroof Petercam SA (formerly Bank Degroof Petercam)

In 2015 Bank Degroof and Petercam were merged to form a new bank that is now operating under the commercial brand name “Bank Degroof Petercam”. Bank Degroof Patercam provides private banking, asset management and investment banking products and services.

Bank Category

Branches of foreign banks


Private Banking
Private Asset Management
Estate Planning
Wealth Structuring
Institutional Asset Management
Investment Banking
Asset Services
Financial Advisory

Bank Degroof Petercam SA participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Belgium. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.


De Entrée 238A, 7th Floor, 1101 EE, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bank Degroof Petercam SA is located in Amsterdam.

Bank Identifiers

Start Date
December 2015