Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft

Business Summary

retail banking
current accounts
credit cards
debit cards
savings accounts
time deposit accounts
consumer loans
mortgage loans
natural persons
Area Served
local region

Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft provides services in the area of retail banking. Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft offers a range of products including current accounts, credit cards, debit cards, savings accounts, time deposit accounts, consumer loans, mortgage loans. Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft makes its solutions available to natural persons, SMEs, companies.

Account Opening

Account Opening Procedure
visit bank branch

Opening an account with Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft can be done by performing the following steps: visit bank branch.

Required Documents
proof of address
application form

Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft requires the following documents to open a personal bank account: passport; proof of address; application form.

While opening a bank account Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft has to perform KYC procedure and comply with AML requirements. KYC procedure usually includes obtaining the information about customer identity, residential address, current occupation and source of income. KYC checks performed by Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft and the documents used are outlined below.

Identity Verification
any one of the documents above
Address Confirmation
proof of address
any one of the documents above
Current Occupation
Income Source
application form
all the forms from above

Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft may require additional documentation or information depending on the case.

Identity Verification
branch visit

Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft performs identity verification using branch visit.

Ways to Bank

Business Channels
branch branch
online banking online banking
mobile app mobile app

Products and services offered by Clientis Bank Thur Genossenschaft are available at its branches and via its online banking system, mobile application.

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