Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA

In 2013 Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA was taken over by Banque Cramer & Cie SA.

Bank Category

Foreign-controlled banks

Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Switzerland. This scheme covers accounts up to 100 000 CHF per bank per depositor.


Faubourg de l'Hôpital 21, 2001, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
032 727 67 11
032 727 67 08

Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA was headquartered in Neuchâtel.

Bank Identifiers


Deposit Guarantee

Deposit Guarantee
Yes (up to 100 000 CHF per depositor)

Deposit Guarantee Schemes compensate certain deposits held by depositors of a bank that becomes unable to meet its obligations.

All credit institutions operating in Switzerland are obliged to participate in Swiss deposit guarantee scheme.

In the case of Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA failure, eligible depositors having covered accounts in this bank will be paid out the following compensation:

Eligible Depositors  private individuals, commercial enterprises and public-sector offices
Covered Accounts  credit balances (e.g. personal accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, salary accounts, numbered accounts, deposit accounts and current accounts)
Covered Currencies  all
Maximum Protected Amount  100 000 CHF
Paid In Currency  CHF

Further Information


BIC (Business Identifier Code, also known as SWIFT code or SWIFT BIC) is a the mostly used international identifier of financial institutions. SWIFT is the registration authority for BICs. BICs are used in financial transactions, client and counterparty data bases, compliance documents and many others.

A BIC consists of eight or eleven characters, comprising a financial institution code (four characters), a country code (two characters), a location code (two characters) and, optionally, a branch code (three characters).

BIC of Banque de Dépôts et de Gestion SA and its components are shown in the table below.

Bank BIC Code  DEPO
Country Code  CH (Switzerland)
Location Code  2L
Branch Code  20A