Tellco AG (formerly Dominick Company AG)

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Tellco AG (formerly Dominick Company AG) is a boutique Swiss private bank, dedicated to providing tailor-made private banking and asset management services to clients having substantial financial resources. Tellco Pension Ltd and Dominick Company AG private bank merged to become Tellco AG, a Swiss pensions bank.

Bank Category

Stock exchange banks


Total Assets (2018)
171.11 mln CHF  (+47.95%)
Annual Profit (2016)
100,000.00 CHF  (-66.67%)
Number of Employees (2016)

Tellco AG is the 217th largest bank in Switzerland in terms of total assets. In 2018 its total assets were 171,11 mln CHF, providing the bank with the market share of 0.01%. Tellco AG is the 32nd largest stock exchange bank in Switzerland (out of 43 stock exchange banks) having market share of 0.07% amongst the banks of this category. In 2016 the bank's annual profit was 100 000,00 CHF. Tellco AG had 11 employees in 2016.

Tellco AG participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Switzerland. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 CHF per bank per depositor.


Mittelstrasse 14 / Seefeld, 8034, Schwyz, Switzerland
044 388 73 88
044 388 73 00

Tellco AG is headquartered in Schwyz.

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