EFG Bank von Ernst AG

EFG Bank von Ernst AG combines the tradition of Swiss private banking and wealth management with the advantages of the Principality of Liechtenstein such as a stable social, legal, and economic order, political stability, the solid financial policy of its public budgets, and close ties with the Swiss Confederation.

EFG Bank von Ernst AG offers first-class services. Discretion, respect for privacy, and preservation of their clients’ assets are fundamental values of our personal service. These principles form the basis of their business philosophy. EFG Bank von Ernst AG puts client satisfaction first and pursues a conservative risk policy.

Business Focus

Private Banking
Wealth Management


Total Assets (2015)
228.70 mln CHF  (+4.05%)
Annual Profit (2015)
600,000.00 CHF  (-45.45%)
Number of Employees (2015)
15  (-6.13%)

EFG Bank von Ernst AG is the 13th largest bank in Liechtenstein in terms of total assets. In 2015 its total assets were 228,70 mln CHF, providing the bank with the market share of 0.37%. In 2015 the bank's annual profit was 600 000,00 CHF. EFG Bank von Ernst AG had 15 employees in 2015.

EFG Bank von Ernst AG participates in deposit guarantee scheme of Liechtenstein. This scheme covers accounts up to 100,000 CHF per bank per depositor.


Egertastrasse 10, 9490, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
+423 265 53 53
+423 265 53 63

EFG Bank von Ernst AG is headquartered in Vaduz.

Bank Identifiers

Company Number
Registration Date
05 January 1999