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Updated on 24 November 2020

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Borrowing Rates: - %
Loan Terms: - months

Consumer loans are secured or unsecured loans given to customers for personal, family, or household purposes or for purchase of goods and services. Unsecured consumer loans (which are not backed or secured by a collateral) are typically have higher interest rates than secured loans. In terms of repayment, consumer loans can be revolving (when a credit limit can be spent, repaid and spent again) or installment (such a loan is repaid in equal installments until the loan is paid off at the end of its term).

The table above shows essential details of selected consumer loans products offered to retail customers by the banks in Spain: currency, effective rate per annum and loan term in months. The consumer loans terms vary from month to 0 years ( months). The effective borrowing rates are within the range - %.

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