Compare Car Loans

Car loans are secured or unsecured loans provided to retail customers for the purpose of purchase a new or used car. Car loans can be secured or unsecured (backed or non-backed by a collateral). Used cars private purchases are financed as a rule with unsecured loans, while the purchase of new cars - via secured loans with the car used as the loan collateral. In terms of repayment, car loans are normally installment loans (i.e. repaid in equal installments until the loan is paid off at the end of its term).


Last updated 24 April 2017

The table below shows essential details of selected car loans offered to retail customers by the banks in different European countries: effective rate per annum and loan term in months.

CountryMin Effective RateMax Effective Rate
 Austria3.50 % (12 months)13.71 % (120 months) View Products
 France0.95 % (1 months)6.00 % (120 months) View Products
 Germany2.17 % (6 months)8.50 % (120 months) View Products
 Italy9.11 % (48 months)9.11 % (48 months) View Products
 Netherlands5.80 % (12 months)9.20 % (120 months) View Products
 Spain7.88 % (1 months)24.51 % (60 months) View Products