Compare Bank Credit Cards in the Netherlands

Credit cards are a convenient option to borrow funds for short-term financing.

The table below shows selected credit cards offered to retail customers by the banks in the Netherlands. The annual costs of the credit cards are within the range of 14.95 - 204.00 EUR.

BankProductCard ProviderCard CurrencyAnnual Costs (EUR)Product Link
 International Card Services Visa World Card [NL]VisaEUR36.50View Product
 International Card Services Visa World Card Gold [NL]VisaEUR55.00View Product
 International Card Services Visa World Card Platinum [NL]VisaEUR154.00View Product
 International Card Services MasterCard Prepaid [NL]MasterCardEUR14.95View Product
 International Card Services MasterCard Classic [NL]MasterCardEUR20.00View Product
 International Card Services MasterCard Gold [NL]MasterCardEUR32.50View Product
 International Card Services MasterCard Black [NL]MasterCardEUR204.00View Product

[NL] This product is offered to the Netherlands' residents only. When clicking on the product link you will be redirected to the product page in Dutch.

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