Compare Countries By Credit Ratings

This page provides information about credit ratings of European countries showing long-term foreign currency credit ratings for sovereign (or government) bonds as reported by the three major credit rating agencies: Fitch and Moody's. Higher credit ratings of the government bonds means lower risks of investments into the bonds. Yields of bonds can also be used to estimate the investment risks: lower yields assumes lower risks. That is why yields of government bonds are provided together with the credit ratings.

Country Fitch Moody's Government
Bond Yield[1]
 Netherlands AAA Aaa0.8%
 Sweden AAA Aaa0.9%
 Luxembourg AAA Aaa0.8%
 Switzerland AAA Aaan/a
 Denmark AAA Aaa0.8%
 Norway AAA Aaan/a
 Germany AAA Aaa0.7%
 Liechtenstein - -n/a
 Finland AA+ Aa10.8%
 Austria AA+ Aa10.8%
 Isle of Man [2] - Aa2n/a
 United Kingdom AA Aa21.6%
 France AA Aa21.0%
 Belgium AA- Aa31.0%
 Estonia A+ A1n/a
 Czech Republic A+ A11.8%
 Cayman Islands [2] - Aa3n/a
 Guernsey [2] - -n/a
 Jersey [2] - -n/a
 Ireland A+ A21.1%
 Slovakia A+ A20.8%
 Bermuda [2] - A2n/a
 Malta A+ A31.4%
 Slovenia A- Baa11.1%
 Poland A- A23.4%
 Iceland A A3n/a
 Lithuania A- A30.3%
 Latvia A- A30.8%
 Spain A- Baa11.5%
 Curacao [3] - -n/a
 Turks and Caicos Islands [2] - -n/a
 Italy BBB Baa22.1%
 Bulgaria BBB Baa21.0%
 Andorra BBB -n/a
 Romania BBB- Baa34.5%
 Portugal BBB Ba12.0%
 Hungary BBB- Baa32.6%
 San Marino BBB- -n/a
 Turkey BB+ Ba2n/a
 Croatia BB+ Ba22.3%
 Greece B B34.1%
 Cyprus BB+ Ba31.9%
 Serbia BB Ba3n/a
 Macedonia BB -n/a
 Montenegro - B1n/a
 Anguilla [2] - -n/a
 Gibraltar [2] - -n/a
 British Virgin Islands [2] - -n/a
 Monaco - -n/a

[1] Long-term government bond yields. The data are provided by Eurostat. For all of the countries the data are given for February 2018.

[2]  Dependent territory of the United Kingdom.

[3]  Dependent territory of the Netherlands.