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DynaPay Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on providing banking alternative for online-oriented businesses and PSP solution for low and medium risk merchants. DynaPay is a part of DYNINNO Group that provide in-house IT solutions, lead generation and sales to brands operating in more than 50 markets worldwide. DynaPay Ltd offers payment accounts with IBAN for businesses and individuals, card acquiring, payment processing, white-label solutions, merchant accounts. In 2018 DynaPay Ltd had total assets of 2,144.00 GBP, DynaPay Ltd generated net income of -48,534.00 GBP. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, DynaPay Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Neat Global Limited is an electronic money distribution agent, focused on providing alternative banking solutions for entrepreneurs. Neat Global Limited offers personal IBAN accounts, business IBAN accounts, prepaid cards. Neat Global Limited is in progress of obtaining its e-money institution licence from the Financial Authority of the United Kingdom.

DynaPay Business Focus
banking services, payments processing solutions
DynaPay Solutions
  • white-label solutions
  • banking as a service (BaaS)
  • PSP for licensed cryptocurrency wallets
DynaPay Products
  • personal accounts with IBAN
  • business accounts with IBAN
  • merchant accounts
DynaPay Services
  • card acquiring
  • payment processing
DynaPay Clients
  • individuals
  • businesses
  • merchants
  • financial institutions

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Neat Global Business Focus
alternative banking for entrepreneurs
Neat Global Products
  • personal IBAN accounts
  • business IBAN accounts
  • prepaid cards

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Compare Business Accounts

DynaPay Neat Global
and 1 more
Payment Cards physical
Personal IBAN available (GB IBAN) available
UK Account Number not available not available
Customer GroupsEU based
non-EU based
Europe, Asia
Pricing Plans EU
single for all customers
Open Account Open Account



Business Payment Account is a single-currency account, allowing the account holder to have funds in EUR only.

Neat Global

Neat Business Account is a multi-currency account, allowing the account holder to have funds in HKD, USD, EUR, GBP.

Payment Cards


Payment cards are not offered together with Business Payment Account.

Neat Global

A payment card can be ordered together with Neat Business Account. Virtual cards are not available.

International Transfers


  • SWIFT Transfers
  • SEPA Credit Transfers

Neat Global


IBAN Countries


Personal IBANs assigned to Business Payment Account belong to the United Kingdom.

Neat Global


Pricing Plans


Business Payment Account is offered with several pricing plans for different customer groups, namely EU, Multinational.

  • EU
  • offered to: EU based
  • Initial Fee 200.00 EUR
  • Monthly Fee 50.00 EUR
  • Open Account
  • Multinational
  • offered to: non-EU based
  • Initial Fee 500.00 EUR
  • Monthly Fee 100.00 EUR
  • Open Account

Neat Global

Neat Business Account is offered with a single pricing plan for all customers.

  • Business Account
  • offered to: Europe, Asia
  • Initial Fee 0.00 USD
  • Monthly Fee 0.00 USD
  • Closing Fee 0.00 USD
  • SEPA Outgoing 0.00 USD
  • SEPA Incoming 0.00 USD
  • SWIFT Outgoing 12.00 USD
  • SWIFT Incoming 13.50 USD
  • Open Account

How to Open DynaPay Account

Opening Business Payment Account
Provide your details online
Upload your proof of identity
Upload your proof of address
Upload your company details
Account is ready to use in up to 24 hours

How to Open Neat Global Account

Opening Neat Business Account
Provide your details online
Upload your copy of passport
Upload your business registration certificate
Account is ready to use in a few days
Passports. Neat requires copies of passports of a company's directors and shareholders.
Corporate Documents. Neat does not require to provide corporate documentation such as annual returns or a certificate of incorporation because these documents can be downloaded by Neat directly from corresponding companies registries.
Legal Forms. Neat accepts limited companies, registered sole proprietors and partnerships.